Bill Gates explains why Texas’s power grids collapsed


Go Nakamura

Microsoft founder Bill Gates considered that it was possible to avoid such a large number of deaths due to the cold wave in the US state of Texas, providing his vision of the cause of the disaster.

Gates opposed the official explanation by the Texas authorities of the reasons for the collapse of power networks with the deteriorating weather, and said in an interview with “CNN” of America that “this is not due to reliance on renewable sources of energy.”

He continued, “This is because most of the stations operate on natural gas and have not been equipped with systems to resist the harsh weather conditions. This could have been done, but that cost money and a compromise solution was found but did not succeed, and this is tragic because it resulted in deaths.”

And Gates considered that climate change is the main cause of abnormal natural phenomena, and energy must be based on “green resources” in the future in order for it to be possible to avoid such disasters.

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The number of victims of the severe cold wave in the United States rose to 58

“It is ironic to blame renewable resources without realizing that we will have to deal with these issues if we do not push the world to reduce emissions,” he added.

This came as a comment on the statement of Texas Governor Greg Ebbott, who said that the reason for the collapse of power networks and the blackout of millions of residents is the freezing of wind turbines in power stations due to the record cold wave in the region, which killed dozens of people.

Gates pointed to the need to increase funding for research and green energy projects to $ 35 billion, stressing that it is important to achieve a breakthrough in the fight against climate change by 2050.

Source: CNN

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