Billionaire indicted in largest-ever tax fraud case dies

Robert Brockman, the billionaire software magnate and Republican megadonor facing the largest criminal tax fraud case in United States history, died late Friday night, Bloomberg reported on Saturday.

He was 81 years old.

Brockman was accused in 2020 “of evading $2 billion in taxes over a 20-year period through wire fraud, evidence tampering, and money laundering, among other criminal acts,” Distractify when the charged were filed.

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According to Bloomberg, Brockman was suspected of tapping into “untaxed proceeds from offshore entities to buy a Colorado fishing lodge, a private jet and a 200-foot yacht. The Internal Revenue Service’s investigator, James Lee, remarked that he had “not seen this pattern of greed or concealment and cover-up in my 25-plus years as a special agent.”

Although Brockman suffered from dementia and spent the last part of his life in hospice care, “a judge ruled in May that Brockman was competent,” Bloomberg noted. “At a hearing a month later, the judge tentatively set his trial date for Feb. 23, 2023. Brockman appeared in bed via video during that hearing.”

His attorney Kathy Keneally blasted the decision, saying that “the government wasted time and resources indicting a man who had progressive dementia and was terminally ill.”

Brockman was also a contributor to conservative political campaigns, including the 2012 presidential primary bids of now-Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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