Bitkom survey: data protection puts companies under constant pressure

The majority of companies in Germany feel hindered by strict data protection requirements and a lack of agreement for transatlantic data transfer. Other topics are often more important.

This is the result of a representative survey of companies with 20 or more employees in Germany, which was published on Wednesday by the digital association Bitkom. Two thirds (66 percent) are of the opinion that the strict data protection and the inconsistent interpretation of the rules make digitization more difficult, said Bitkom managing director Susanne Dehmel.

Companies are subject to permanent data protection Stress, said Dehmel. They wanted to comply with data protection, but would not only have to pursue court rulings across Europe and be familiar with the different interpretations from the member states, but also deal with 18 different interpretations of data protection supervisory authorities in Germany alone. “This is increasingly difficult to manage, especially for smaller companies.”

Other topics are often more important for companies

For those companies that have so far been subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have not fully implemented, other topics were often on the agenda: 82 percent say that Corona had forced other priorities. Almost as many companies complain that the GDPR cannot be fully implemented (77 percent). In addition, 61 percent lack the necessary human resources.

According to Bitkom, the role of the state data protection authorities that ensure compliance with the provisions in control the farms. “The supervisory authorities are currently often concentrating on processing incoming complaints and imposing fines for proven violations,” said Dehmel. “Even more could be achieved for the actual data protection in the companies if the authorities would take more preventive action and help the companies and tell them how to do it.”

Of the companies surveyed, two thirds (66 percent) criticize the lack of implementation aids by the supervisory authorities; two years ago the proportion was 53 percent. Around a quarter (24 percent) say that they have already asked the authorities for help in implementing data protection requirements, but have not received an answer. A similar number (28 percent) received an answer, but it did not help. Three out of ten (29 percent) state that they also received help in response to their question. Of the companies that received assistance, 31 percent say that they were very or fairly satisfied with it. 66 percent were more or less satisfied. dpa

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