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About a month after being approached and handcuffed by military police for no apparent reason, youtuber Filipe Ferreira, a young black man, claimed on social networks that he is being pursued by agents of the institution in Goiás.

At the end of May, while recording bike maneuvers for his YouTube channel, Filipe was questioned by two police officers. One of them, gun in hand, ordered the young man to get off his bicycle.

This Sunday (27), YouTuber posted a video on Instagram again questioning the behavior of the corporation’s agents. In the recording, a police officer gets out of a vehicle and tells Filipe: “You can stop there”.

In the post, the young man wrote: “I’m being chased. Where I go is like this, the police looking at me and saying goodbye, firing a siren, always intimidating me.”

The video continues and shows that the policeman who got out of the car is recording Filipe. The soldier asks: “The vehicle passed, said ‘goodbye’, but what was the threat that was made?”.

“Okay, you said goodbye why [sic], just to intimidate me? I will never shut up”, wrote the youtuber in the publication.

A leaf tried contact with Filipe, with the Military Police and with the Secretary of Security of Goiás, but did not get a return until the publication of this report.

In May, the approach of which youtuber was a victim went viral on social networks and was identified as a case of racism and police violence.

At the time, Filipe questioned why he was being approached, since he was only training, and the policeman replied that it was because he was in charge.

“Oh, it’s not like that”, said Filipe, as he got off his bike. It was enough for the agent to point the gun at him and start screaming, ordering him to put his hand on his head.

The youtuber took out his cell phone, but the device continued recording the scene. As he approached, the policeman raised his voice, at the same time stating that this was a legal order. She insisted that he put his hand on his head and that this was the procedure. Filipe insistently asked the agent to lower the weapon.

He then took off his shirt to show he wasn’t armed while the youtuber was handcuffed. “Hold on there so you can see what will happen to you”, with a gun in hand, the policeman replied to Filipe, when he asked the reason for being handcuffed.

“I am a worker, son. Why do you do this to me? Like a bum? I’m not a bum. Look how you’re pointing at me”, said the youtuber. “This is my procedure!” replied the policeman, shouting. The video ends after the agent takes Filipe’s cell phone.

The approach took place on the shore of Lake Jacob, in Cidade Ocidental, a municipality in Goiás, about 50 km from Brasília. The video was released by Filipe on his Facebook profile.

In his post, the youtuber questioned whether he was approached because he is black or if he had done something to justify the action of the police.

“I didn’t understand why [o policial] pointing the gun at me like he was going to fire at any moment, I didn’t really understand anything. I was wondering if they approached me because of my skin or if I had really done something,” he wrote.


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