Bolsonaro challenges Barroso and says that if Congress approves, ‘we will have a printed vote and that’s it’ – 06/10/2021 – Power

In the habit of casting unproven suspicions about the Brazilian electoral system, President Jair Bolsonaro used his weekly live on Thursday (10) to challenge the president of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, in relation to the implementation of printed vote.

“If Congress approves the printed vote, we will have elections with a printed vote and period. This issue is no longer discussed. Period,” Bolsonaro said.

The Congress is discussing a proposal to amend the Constitution on this issue. In practice, it is not about the vote directly printed, but about the printing on paper of a proof of the vote cast in the electronic ballot box, which would be kept in the elections.’

Critic of the measure, Barroso conditioned its implementation to the approval of parliamentarians and validation by the STF (Supreme Federal Court).

“Each one of us must respect the Constitution, respect the Brazilian Parliament, respect our decisions, respect your decisions as well, of the Judiciary. It’s not getting involved in everything. ‘Oh, if it’s not judicialized, we’ll comply.’ comply, yes!”, affirmed Bolsonaro.

“If Congress enacts the PEC of the auditable vote, printed, we will have elections with printed vote in 2022 and that’s full stop. It doesn’t discuss this matter anymore. Nobody has to give a guess. Nobody,” added the president in an exalted tone of voice.

In a House committee, Barroso said on Wednesday (9) that “if the National Congress decides that it should have a printed vote and the Supreme Court validates it, it will have a printed vote. But it will get worse, life will be much worse.”

Barroso listed to the parliamentarians all the difficulties of implanting the printed vote in the country, such as the cost of R$ 2 billion, the need to carry out a bidding process for the purchase of ballot boxes and what he considered the worst problem, the risk of breach of confidentiality.

“My problems with the printed vote are breach of confidentiality and fraud”, the magistrate told the deputies.

In the live, Bolsonaro called Barroso “the owner of the truth”.

“Does that mean that if someone files a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, you’re going to say that ‘oh, isn’t the PEC worth it, the amendment to the Constitution of deputies and senators’? That’s not applicable,” said Bolsonaro.

The president of the Republic also stated that the president of the TSE “knows nothing”.

“Let’s respect the National Congress. It doesn’t stick with filigree, pretending to be a person who knows everything. He doesn’t know anything! He doesn’t know what a person’s vote is in a community. out there, what happens,” Bolsonaro said.


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