Bolsonaro ignores Michelle and chooses to spend Valentine’s Day on ‘motociata’ – 06/11/2021 – José Simão

Boom! Boom! Monkey Simão Urgent! The General Sculptor of the Republic! DON’T TAKE OFF THE MASK! TAKE OFF THE BOLSONARO! And this one from Sensacionalista: “Associate to Pazuello said the dog ate the letter from Pfizer”. Rare!

And Saturday is Valentine’s Day and Vaccinated! Now with the pandemic there is a new item in Tinder: Fully Vaccinated! “Brunette, green eyes, enjoy traveling. Fully Vaccinated.” “Ugly, long nose, 1.5 m. FULLY VACCINATED!”

It’s the Tinder of the Pandemic!

Valentine’s Day: love starts in a motel and ends in a boarding house! Valentine’s Day! “Love, did you book a table?” “At Habib’s you don’t have to.” Rare!

And is Bozo going to spend Valentine’s Day with Michelle? Nothing! Bozo is coming to São Paulo to spend Valentine’s Day with his boyfriends: the bikers! Motorcycle in SP! Two wheels and four legs! MOTORBIKES! This motorcycle should be called the Burst of Boiada! Rare!

And attention! The Copa America began, aka Covidão! Strain America! Come and contaminate with us! Mascot: Chlorochite! Technician: Pazuello! Defender: Rachadinha, Bananinha and Carluxo. Gandula: Jair Henrique! Instead of a condominium catcher, it becomes a ball catcher! Rare!

Tomorrow: Brazil x Venezuela! And Maduro comes to stand beside Bozo on the platform? The Mature and the Rotten! The Cup final will be at Havan stores! Rare!

Brazil x Argentina will play in Rio das Pedras! Rio das Pedras Militia Arena! Anything they shoot the opposing goalkeeper! Rare! And the opening match will be celebrated with a pot. Brazil cannot stop! To beat the pot!

Ready Jokes: “Bolsonaro wanted to nominate Crivella as ambassador for South Africa.” But he cannot travel and his passport has been confiscated! It’s Universal, but it can’t travel! Rare!

Elections in Peru. Cover of the newspaper Meia Hora! “Born in 1969 in the city of Chota, Peru’s candidate wins foot by foot!” And as the leftist candidate won, Bolsonaro declared: “We lost Peru”.

“Butanvac begins testing with humans.” Anvisa prohibits Bolsonaro from participating in the survey! And Queiroga is the one who doesn’t want to lose his job! Doctor Pirogue!

We suffer, but we have fun!

That I’m going to drop my hallucinogenic eye drops!

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