Bolsonaro is a sixty-year-old with children’s costumes – 06/19/2021 – Elio Gaspari

Hitting the sad mark of 500,000 dead, Jair Bolsonaro’s administration is faced with the tragedy of the “little flu” whose “little end” was near, as the new wave was a “little talk”.

Many people voted for him because they agreed with his campaign proposals. Others would vote for anyone to prevent the PT’s return.

Two years later, voters and above all people who form their government believing in who knows what they are facing a troubled personality. Some defect all heads have, but Bolsonaro is a sixty-year-old with childish fantasies.

They are simple and definitive solutions to problems that adults find complex.

At 66, he believes in chloroquine and the Israeli spray. Around 30, he believed in the magic of mining, defying the norms of the Army where he served. Since then, he has presented himself as a prophet of the miraculous virtues of niobium and graphene for the economy. Noves outside the curiosity for wireless electricity transmission, as president, said that Brazil and Argentina could adopt a single currency.

Promises from politicians are one thing, childish omnipotence quite another.

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