Bolsonaro joined Biden’s list of Democrats – 11/09/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Washington’s Politico website, now controlled by a German press group, obtained a list of governments invited to Joe Biden’s Democracy Summit.

Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro is one of the names for the meeting, which should bring together around 100 government officials, on December 9th and 10th — and it will no longer be, as initially projected, in person. Each will have “only a few minutes to talk” per video.

Politico hears from an American academic the criticism that the meeting is going to bypass, for example, regimes that “are showing” democratic regression.

Reuters, which confirmed the list of countries released by the site, reported that the “troubled guest list casts a shadow over the impact” of the summit (above).

The news agency contrasts the presence of Israel and Iraq with the absence of Turkey, the invitation to Poland and the Philippines with the omission of Thailand.

And he hears from activists that “the invitation to countries with troubled human rights records raises doubts about the event’s credibility.”

Many on the list can’t even be described as democracies, like Congo, says Republican (antiTrump) website The Bulwark, seeing “geostrategic considerations that dilute the democratic mix.”

The site asks why the summit, if it is “just a gathering of countries-that-America-needs, with no other criteria.”


In addition to the list, Politico had access to the proposal that Biden should take to the summit, to create an Alliance for the Future of the Internet, which makes its aim clear:

“The formation of this Alliance is a response to the emergence of an alternative view of the Internet as a tool of state control promoted by authoritarian powers such as China and Russia.”


Caixin points out that Taiwan-based chip giant TSMC “guarantees customer confidentiality by sending data to Washington,” which had charged its supply chain with threats. TSMC would not have provided information about Chinese companies.

Other publications, such as the financial one, Beijing Shang Bao, emphasize that the Taiwanese government allowed the American “extortion”.


Os dois maiores jornais americanos próximos ao governo Biden se voltaram contra as plataformas usadas pela base de Bolsonaro, agora que ela vem sendo afastada por Facebook, YouTube e Twitter.

In the Washington Post (top title, above), “Gettr, Parler and Gab find a fan base in Brazil’s far right”, and in the New York Times, “Defenders of far-right disinformation in Brazil find safe space in the Telegram”, the Russian competitor of the American WhatsApp.

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