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After a meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party), PL head Valdemar Costa Neto confirmed the party’s affiliation with the party in an act on November 22 in Brasília.

Valdemar and Bolsonaro met this Wednesday (10) at Palácio do Planalto to close the last details of the president’s entry into the PL. In addition to Bolsonaro, allied politicians must migrate to the same legend.

Confirmation took place through a note released by the party. At night, PL released a video of Valdemar announcing the signing of the president’s file, at an event that will be attended by “mayors, friends and affiliates”.

“We are going to have a great participation in this election. And we are going to do everything so that we can reap what is best for our people, so that we can improve the lives of the Brazilian people,” stated the leader.

Bolsonaro has been without a party since he broke with the PSL at the end of 2019. Unable to structure a new party, Aliança pelo Brasil, Bolsonaro started conversations with central parties, among them the PL and the PP.

His son Flávio Bolsonaro even joined two other parties as they tried to negotiate the president’s affiliation: Republicans and Patriota.

According to Bolsonaro himself, the move to PL was 99.9% confirmed and depends on details.

In an interview with a radio station in Espírito Santo, this Wednesday morning, he said that he intended to conclude some negotiations on São Paulo in order to strike the hammer.

“If I run for reelection, I want to have a candidate for the state government in São Paulo, a candidate for the Senate and a good caucus of nominees,” he said. “This little detail is missing with Valdemar, which I believe we can get right today.”

Both the PP and the PL are allies of Governor João Doria (PSDB), in São Paulo. But there was still a movement, especially from Ciro Nogueira’s party (Casa Civil), to launch minister Tarcísio de Freitas (Infrastructure) for the Senate, on a ticket with Geraldo Alckmin.

The former governor is well positioned in the voting intention polls, but he is Bolsonaro’s political opponent. The president wants to launch Tarcisio for the government of São Paulo, but the minister resists the idea and prefers to go to the Senate.

In addition, experienced leaders at the center believe that the chances of a Tarcisio candidacy prospering for the state government are low.

Bolsonaro wants a candidate for government to have a platform at the largest electoral college in the country.

Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ), PL leader in the Senate, Carlos Portinho (RJ), and Onyx Lorenzoni (Trabalho e Previdência) also participated in the meeting at Planalto.

The minister was one of the main guarantors of the president’s visit to the party — he must also join to run for the government of Rio Grande do Sul.

Bolsonaro’s ally, senator Luiz Carlos Heinze (PP-RS) also wants to run for governor. After the president’s meeting with the PL, Heinze was at Planalto.

Second told the sheet, he took mayors to find Bolsonaro, but the two also talked about the state imbroglio. “He will have two stands, no problem at all,” said the senator.

Heinze says he does not consider giving up on his campaign, despite Planalto’s plan to launch Onyx and accommodate the senator in the Ministry of Agriculture, when Tereza Cristina leaves government to contest the election.

One of the main topics discussed at the meeting was to elect as many senators as possible. Palace assistants understand that it is essential for an eventual second term to consolidate a bench in the Senate.

Today Bolsonaro is unable to approve proposals in the House, which is chaired by a possible opponent in 2022, senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG)

The idea of ​​the president’s allies is that Bolsonaro’s entry into the PL consolidates a ticket for reelection that must also have the PP and the Republicans as pillars of support. The plan is for the PP to nominate Bolsonaro’s deputy.

Auxiliaries say they believe that affiliation with the PL is the surest way to tie the acronym with the president in 2022, avoiding an eventual neutrality or, worse, a stampede to support another candidate, such as former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) .

Allies also see a certain amount of pragmatism in party choice. The assessment is that television time will be crucial in the dispute and the PP is already taken for granted in the coalition. Thus, with PL, Bolsonaro would have even more exposure during election time.

The likely affiliation of Bolsonaro and his supporters to the party further consolidates the change in the president’s stance, elected on the promise of ending what he calls “old politics”, shaped by the give and take.

The “take there” are the various second- and third-rank positions in the federal machine, positions coveted by party chiefs to maintain their degree of influence in Brasília and in the states.

The “give me here” is a minimum support base in Congress to, more than approve projects in its interest, to avoid the opening of a possible impeachment process.

General Augusto Heleno (GSI), in the 2018 campaign, sang: “If you shout grab a centrão, there won’t be one, my brother”. The PL and PP occupy the main seats at the Planalto Palace: Civil House, with Ciro Nogueira, and Government Secretariat, with Flávia Arruda.​


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