Bolsonaro sanctions the Principal’s Law and changes rules on broadcasting rights in Brazil

The President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned Bill 2336/21, better known as Mandator’s Law. The confirmation appeared in the Official Gazette of the Union this Monday.

With this law in force, the main team now has the right to sell the broadcasting rights with any company, regardless of the agreements signed by the visiting team.

The Pelé Law, from 1998, says that the right to broadcast games belongs to the two clubs involved in a match, that is, both teams would need to have an agreement with the company that holds the competition rights.

The Principal Law does not enter into force at the present time, with signed contracts in force with Globe e Turner. Most of the Series A agreements end in 2024, so only from this year on would the effects of the new law be felt in practice.

Bill 2336/21 was sent by the Presidency of the Republic to the Chamber in June, with approval by the plenary on July 14th. In the Senate, the vote to unanimously approve the Mandant Law took place on August 24th.

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