Bolsonaro says STF, by opening CPI, interferes in Powers and cites impeachment requests from ministers

President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) said on Thursday night (8) that the Supreme Court (STF) interferes in the other branches of government by opening the CPI of Covid-19. The representative also cited requests for impeachment from court ministers who are in the Senate and in his view should be considered.

In an interview with CNN Brasil, Bolsonaro said that “there is no doubt that there is interference by the Supreme in all Powers”.

Supreme Minister Luís Roberto Barroso ordered Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) to install a pandemic CPI.

In his decision, Barroso affirmed that the necessary requirements for the opening of the parliamentary commission of inquiry are present, including the favorable signature of more than a third of the senators, and that the head of the Senate cannot be omitted in this regard.

In addition to the potential to aggravate the political crisis and Bolsonaro’s dissatisfaction, the determination of the STF minister resumed the discussion – heated in recent months – about the dispute for protagonism and the interference between branches of government.

Pacheco said he would comply with Barroso’s decision, offering security to senators and deponents who attend hearings, but maintained his position against the installation of the CPI during the pandemic.

The president of the Senate said that the commission at this time will be a “point out of the curve” and that it can “be the crowning achievement of national failure in facing the pandemic.

Pacheco also said that CPI hearings can be an anticipation of the electoral race in 2022 and serve as a “political platform” for potential candidates. Some senators criticized what they considered to be undue interference by the judiciary in the legislature.

Barroso submitted his decision for analysis by the court. The case will be heard in the next virtual session of the Supreme Court, which begins on April 16 and runs until the 26th of the same month. During this period, magistrates must include their votes in the system.

In another defeat for Bolsonaro, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of Minister Gilmar Mendes by 9 votes to 2 to allow states and municipalities to prohibit the holding of face-to-face religious celebrations as a way to contain the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have decisions going on and you know what my opinion is, OK, and we are going to play life there. Brazil is suffering a lot and what we need least is conflict. For my part, you know my position. I completely respect our position. Constitution. There is not a drop outside the four lines of the table, “Bolsonaro told CNN Brasil.

Asked specifically about the decision involving the churches, the president said that the chance of contamination among church and temple goers is “almost zero”.

“Usually, the guy, when he is in a depressive situation, he looks for God. And he looks for where? God is everywhere, we know that, but he goes to church, he goes to a temple. The temple is closed. And inside, with all removal measures, etc., do not have the possibility of transmitting the virus, it is almost zero. “

The Supreme Court’s decision does not oblige state and municipal managers to prohibit services and masses, but declares that decrees in this regard are permitted and do not violate the Constitution.


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