Bolsonaro says that economic downsizing is to give Guedes ‘a certain decompression’ – 07/22/2021 – Market

President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday (22) that the decision to streamline the Ministry of Economy by recreating the Ministry of Labor and Social Security aims to give “a certain amount of decompression” to Minister Paulo Guedes.

The Economy Minister, in turn, acknowledged that the dismemberment of his portfolio was politically motivated, but stated that the country’s economic course remains unchanged.

The new ministry will be headed by Onyx Lorenzoni, who in the dance of chairs announced by Bolsonaro on Wednesday (21) will leave the General Secretariat of the Presidency, which will now house General Luiz Eduardo Ramos, removed from the Civil House, who will receive the senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI), one of the leaders of the center.

“Paulo Guedes has a huge ministry, he added five ministries in the past, when he took over. A huge effort to keep that ministry functioning. He even agreed with the removal of this part, which is the former Ministry of Labor and Social Security, to be transferred to this one new ministry,” said Bolsonaro in an interview with Banda B radio, from Curitiba (PR).

“It gives Paulo Guedes a certain decompression and lets Onyx Lorenzoni deal with this very important issue that we need, in addition to recovering jobs, is to look for more alternatives to serve the underserved,” said Bolsonaro.

Guedes, Ramos and Bolsonaro meet at an event at the Ministry of Defense this Thursday. After the event, the economy minister spoke with journalists for nearly half an hour.

“The economic agenda [vem] advancing a lot after [Arthur] Lira and [Rodrigo] Pacheco assume the presidency of the Congress. You know that parliamentary support is decisive. I have always said that this government is an alliance of conservatives in customs and liberals in the economy. It is natural for there to be a center-right political coalition to support the reform agenda,” Guedes said.

The minister said that “there have been difficulties in the Senate”, therefore “it is natural that there is a relocation of political forces. It is natural that the president wants to strengthen parliamentary support, particularly in the Senate”.

Guedes stated that Bolsonaro always gave him “full support” when there were pressures that could “deviate our program”, such as when Congress asked to recreate the Ministry of Planning, Industry, and Labor.

Paulo Guedes also said that it was agreed that the current Special Secretary for Welfare and Labor, Bruno Bianco, will migrate to the new folder “to give continuity”.

“There is an internal reorganization taking place without any threat to the heart of economic policy. And it is an entirely legitimate political pressure. The practices are republican, everything is happening in the light of day,” the minister said.

Paulo Guedes moved between the Ministry of Defense, where he was at a ceremony, to the Ministry of Economy, where he works, on foot.

On the way, he was approached by a man with a type of speech impairment, but who, with gestures, showed financial difficulties. The minister stopped and gave him at least R$50.


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