Bolsonaro transformed Planalto into his mother’s house Joana – 07/22/2021 – Ricardo Melo

Saying that Jair Bolsonaro is a professional fake does not impress anyone who has any political culture or acquaintance, even distant, with the creature. Not even the dictator Ernesto Geisel swallowed it. “A bad soldier,” he stamped.

Bolsonaro, truth be told, has honored his fame. The scale of the disaster that Brazil has been subjected to since taking office will take years to correct. “I came to destroy” as he himself admitted.

For this, there are no limits. The news about ministerial changes, coup initiatives and threats against free elections leave no doubt. Even the most conservative of conservatives speaks openly about the impeachment of the mad captain who assaulted the Planalto.

Literally, the government turned mother Joan’s house. If confirmed, the appointment of the president of the PP to the Civil House will imply the inauguration of Ciro Nogueira’s mother for the position in the Senate.

This “Ipiranga post” will be dismantled. Paulo Guedes, the one who would rule everything, will no longer rule anything. It would be good news, such is the incompetence and subservience of the Chicago puppy to the dictates of big capital.

But not. A key slice of the superministry, it is said, will be handed over to Onyx Lorenzoni, known for his smugness, to the chief of staff whoever he may be. The bad is exchanged for the worst, or vice versa.

The target of this entire operation has a name: Lula. Faced with evidence that Bolsonaro loses any election, the militiamen make agreements with anyone, even those who, like Ciro Nogueira, called him a fascist and other things.

Running outside, there is talk of semi-presidentialism, in fact a semi-dictatorship. The idea is to castrate the powers of the next president, as they tried to do with João Goulart after Janio Quadros resigned. Defeated, the coup-makers of the time put the tanks on the streets.

Today, the military on duty are bewildered. In addition to being unprepared intellectually, they have been humiliated both by evidence of wrongdoing and by the way they have been treated by a militiaman closeted in the president’s chair.

It will not be easy days from now on. Mainly for a country that each day loses around 1,400 lives in a pandemic that is despised at a dollar a head.

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