Bolsonaro’s base acts to undermine CPI, and Supreme seeks solution to Senate – 12/04/2021 – Poder

The Bolsonaro government base in the Senate has prepared an offensive to undermine Covid’s CPI, which is expected to be officially created this Tuesday (13th), with the reading of the application by the President of the House, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG).

Regimental obstructions, signatures to an alternative CPI and pressure not to nominate members on the part of the parties are some of the strategies used by government leaders and allied benches.

In parallel, a wing of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) tries to build a majority for the plenary to decide that the commission only needs to be installed (that is, that it actually works after it is created) with the end of the pandemic. The idea, however, faces resistance within the court and there is still no consensus on the subject.

The government fears that the investigation into the Executive’s conduct of the fight against the new coronavirus will further strain President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), leading to a drop in popularity and even that he may be answerable for crimes.

So the president’s allies set up a task force to undermine the CPI. On one front, senators will present a series of questions during the session scheduled for 4 pm on Tuesday to prevent Pacheco from reading the request to create the commission.

If he can read, the strategy will be to disrupt the work to the point that party leaders are unable to nominate members for the CPI. Once created, the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry is only effectively installed and starts to function after the senators who will integrate it are appointed.

In addition, on Monday (12), government officials signed the requirement to create a parallel CPI to investigate not only the management of the Union during the pandemic, but also that of governors and mayors, as Bolsonaro himself asked Senator Jorge Kajuru ( Cidadania-GO) in audio released over the weekend.

The alternative CPI is the result of a request from Senator Eduardo Girão (Pode-CE). The document dates back to March, but it emerged as an alternative for government officials. Senators from parties such as DEM, PSD and PP signed the petition, in addition to the government leaders in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), and in Congress, Eduardo Gomes (MDB-TO).

The intention of the parliamentarians, with this movement, is to take the focus of the CPI of the President of the Republic and also to create new discussions and obstacles that can delay the installation of the original commission.

One of the obstacles is the Senate’s bylaws. President Rodrigo Pacheco asked the General Secretariat of the Bureau for clarification, to see if the House can investigate other federated entities, in particular the states.

This is because, in its article 146, the regiment states that “a parliamentary commission of inquiry on matters pertinent to the Chamber of Deputies will not be admitted; the powers of the Judiciary; to the states ”.

Even in the event of defeat, with the refusal of Senator Girão’s request, leaders consider that this Monday’s demonstration will already have a symbolic gain, as it can make evident the power of mobilization of the Plateau and the government bench.

Government officials also have other possibilities to increase the scope of investigations, to include states and municipalities. One is that the future CPI rapporteur himself includes these objectives in his work plan – the future chairman of the commission can also decide accordingly.

Senators believe that the regiment may be an obstacle to creating a CPI with the mission of investigating states and municipalities. However, they believe that it will not be a problem to investigate these entities in the course of the commission’s activities.

“If it is a federal resource, in an unfolding of the investigation, there is no problem”, affirms the leader of the majority, senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL).

The purpose of the moves is also, at the very least, to postpone the installation of the CPI until after the judgment in the Supreme Court scheduled for Wednesday (14) and which will decide whether or not to keep Barroso’s decision that determined the creation of the commission to the President of the Senate. .

This is because a wing of the STF defends that the Senate is only obliged to install the collegiate in person after passing the pandemic, to avoid risks to the health of senators.

For court ministers, when determining the creation of the commission, the court contradicts a decision of its own that allowed Congress to analyze provisional measures directly in the plenary of the respective Houses without the need for analysis by a collegiate precisely to prevent the functioning of commissions during the pandemic. .

Internally, however, the bet is that Barroso will not adhere to the idea and will try to win a majority in favor of his decision. This is because, the Senate has already claimed in the case file that the installation of the CPI would be impracticable due to the remote work, and even so, the minister sent the House to open the commission.

The court wing sympathetic to Barroso’s decision, however, argues that the magistrate should include a reservation in his vote in order to send a signal to Congress.

The idea is for the minister to make it clear that the court’s case law, despite providing for the minority’s right to create the CPI if it has enough signatures, provides that the Supreme Court cannot meddle in internal Senate issues.

In other words, it is up to the Legislative House to define the date of creation, the work schedule and the objectives of the investigation. Ministers warn, however, that, although it does not set a deadline, the decision should not be read as an authorization for it not to be fulfilled.

The trial will also be marked by questioning by Minister Marco Aurélio Mello. “I am going to tell the president that, for the first time, I see the rapporteur bring a preliminary injunction for the referendum or not for the plenary. leaf.

“In the Senate, they said ‘we are going to wait because the minister submitted it to the plenary’, that is to say, it weakens the urgency of protection. The rapporteur’s injunction no longer complies with a writ of mandamus.”

The argument about the safe functioning of the CPI will be addressed by government senators.

Government leader in Congress, Eduardo Gomes, told the leaf who will present a question of order to the Senate president asking that the commission can only work with senators, officials and journalists who have been immunized.

“The Senate had 4% of its representation that lost its life. I will not go to the CPI if I have not had a vaccine,” he said.

Gomes is also in favor of the idea of ​​expanding the commission’s investigation object and argues that the rapporteur himself who is appointed to the collegiate body will be able to do this. “All previous CPIs, strictly speaking, had their scope changed by the rapporteur’s work plan”, he justifies.

The discussion gained strength after the audio broadcast of a conversation between Senator Kajuru and President Jair Bolsonaro. During the telephone conversation, Bolsonaro suggests to the congressman to request impeachment of Supreme Court ministers, in addition to asking to expand the scope of the CPI to investigate mayors and governors.

Because of the leak in the call, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ) presented a presentation to the Senate Ethics Council to analyze the attitude of Senator Jorge Kajuru.

In the Chamber, the opening of a CPI remains a distant reality. The opposition, which began last week to collect the 171 minimum signatures to be able to file the application, made little progress on Monday.

The difficulty is attributed to the fact that the Mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), is declared against the parliamentary committee. Not even a mixed collegiate, with deputies and senators, has the support of the leader of the centre.

“We still can’t get a subscription, it’s not easy for us. The centão is not signing, even in the PDT and PSB they do not sign ”, criticizes Congresswoman Perpétua Almeida (PC do B-AC). On another front, Deputy Junior Bozzella (PSL-SP) also started to collect signatures to try to open a CPI in the Chamber, but with few adhesions as well.

“Someone has to put an end to the abuses committed by the President of the Republic. As far as we have come, there is no party, left or right, there is Brazil and those who are committed to saving what is left of our country, ”he says. “CPI is essential and this is the moment when all those who believe in its urgency have to come together.”


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