Bolsonaro’s fiofó is blinking more than Christmas blinkers – 04/16/2021 – José Simão

Buemba! Buemba! Monkey Simão Urgent! The esculhambador-geral da República!

Meme da # CPIdaPanemiaJá: “Bolsonaro, stop MIMIMI! It’s just a little CPI ”. Pandemic CPI! Bolsonaro’s fiofó is blinking more than a Christmas light! There is not even a wi-fi signal! The flat Earth flipped! It will!

Breaking News!

  1. Biden effect: do you know how Bolsonaro will end deforestation by 2030? Ending the Amazon by 2029! It will rare.
  2. Before I used to give a cattle to not get into a fight, today I fight for a steak! Thank you Paulo Guedes! When the Earth was flat, meat was cheaper! Egg is free! Egg cart: “Forty eggs for R $ 10”. There must be an egg left. There was a baby boom in the chicken coop! It will rare.
  3. Only the lack of an intubation kit would justify a CPI! Torture never again!
  4. Federal Government becomes Funeral Government.
  5. Tomorrow the second dose of saline will be applied to entrepreneurs in Belo Horizonte! Paiaços, paid 600 contos to take serum on your arm!
  6. PF of Amazonas delegate files criminal complaint against Salles for protecting illegal loggers. ” What a slander! Salles even drops a shopping Christmas tree! The deputy was fired, of course. The tree always falls on the wrong side. And Salles is Minister of Madeira and Cara de Pau! It will!
  7. Piauí Herald: “In addition to being a governor and mayor, Bolsonaro wants to include a liquidator, manicurist, ice cream man and tattoo artist in Covid’s CPI”. Military personnel and chocolate shop owners are left out of the CPI! Ready joke: “Queiroga wants to vaccinate 1 million people a day, if he has a vaccine”. And he adds: “I don’t have a magic wand!”. Take Harry Potter’s, Doctor Piroga! This is already a text for the CPI: “Doctor Piroga, why did Brazil only vaccinate 2% of the population?”. “I don’t have a magic wand.”

And I can’t stand to see Minister of the Supreme anymore! Gilmar Mendes looks like Seu Beiçola. Carmen Lúcia looks like she sleeps during the soap opera. And Kassio Nunes Marques looks like Tiririca. The Tiririca of the Supreme! The Bozo Parrot! The Terribly Covered! It will! And I loved Barroso: “Illustrious impersonated personality”. It’s Pacheco! It will!

And Brazil is so crazy that Gilmar is one of the few who put order in the chicken coop. In the chicken coop called Brasil! We are living the pandemic in the worst country to live the pandemic! And Brazil is a meme that doesn’t sleep!

We suffer, but we have fun!

That I’m going to drip my hallucinogenic eye drops!

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