Botafogo should not reset PV output

Botafogo is for details to announce the sale of part of the rights of left-back Paulo Victor, PV, to Internacional. In another negotiation, defender Sousa is also close to leaving Alvinegro towards Belgian football.

But even with the inflow of resources, the board will not rush to the market in search of replacement parts. The most precarious situation in Marcelo Chamusca’s squad is the defense, as only three players are available, Kanu, Gilvan and Joel Carli. Immediately, an under-20 team defender must be promoted.

On the side, however, there are no plans to seek reinforcements. Hired at the beginning of the year, Rafael Carioca should gain another chance to establish himself in the team. Guilherme Santos will be the immediate reserve and the boy Hugo, who is in the under-20, will be the third option.

The destination of the money from the PV and Sousa negotiations must be used to pay salaries. In addition, the amounts to be paid by Inter per PV may be lower than what the press has been reporting.

“We sat at the table with Botafogo a few days ago and we have everything to announce this athlete as soon as possible. We are going to buy 50% of the player and the values ​​are lower than what is being announced”, stated Paulo Bracks, Colorado football executive, to Radio Grenal.

Owner of 50% of the PV rights, Botafogo would receive 2.6 million reais for 25% of the rights and 400 thousand more in variable targets.

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