Bowen: Keneally the member Fowler deserves

Member for McMahon Chris Bowen has thrown his support behind Kristina Keneally’s candidacy as the Member of Fowler, backing the former NSW premier as a key member in the Labor Party’s “climb up Everest” to winning the upcoming federal election.

The move to install Ms Keneally as the party’s candidate for the electorate has drawn the ire of some sectors of the Labor Party, who have called for the decision to be overturned in favour of Vietnamese-Australia Tu Le.

However, Mr Bowen says the former premier is the candidate the community of Fowler deserves.

“KK will be an excellent candidate and Member for Fowler,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Since Fowler was created in 1984, it’s never had a minister represent it.

“What Kristina can bring is she will become the candidate and member and be a very senior Cabinet member and represent the community in that capacity and frankly, I think great things can happen in this community, I think that’s what the community deserves, a member who will be a very top rank in a Labor government.

“I also think winning this election is going to be a climb up Everest – every election is and we need our very best team put forward in the House of Representatives – we also need our front row in the House of Representatives and nobody could argue that Kristina isn’t a member of the front row at the Labor Party and would do a great job in the lower house.”


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