Boycott of Cova América will be something so unprecedented that the best thing is to wait – 06/06/2021 – Juca Kfouri

The players who serve the CBF are not those from the NBA, capable of imposing conditions to play in the middle of a pandemic as long as they could speak out in favor of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. It was grant or give up.

The basketball players’ attitude ended up having a strong influence on the election of Joe Biden and the consequent defeat of the buffoon Donald Trump. The world thanked, pawned.

Brazilian footballers are far from having such a level of political awareness and, as a rule, the currency they use is just that, the currency.

Take Neymar’s case, between the cross and the cauldron.

With problems with the IRS on the one hand and wanting to harm Nike on the other – which punished him because of accusations of sexual harassment just like the president of CBF, Rogério Caboclo.

Joining the boycott will sully your back with those you helped elect, and protect you, but at the same time, it will serve to take the sponsor’s brand out of the spotlight.

Imagine the rare reader, and the rare reader, a connection between the genocide and his father, with unlimited powers in the entity, recalling the issue of taxes and appealing for the player’s participation in Cova América, in addition to his efforts to convince the ballet.

The boycott will be too powerful a blow in this government that every day loses support from the electorate, and wins in the army.

Remembering that we are in Brazil, in South America and not in the North, unfortunately, is mandatory.

Because here things work: the director of governance of Casa Bandida do Futebol, André Megale, was silent during the entire time the scandal hibernated in the former José Maria Marin building, despite being responsible for ethics, transparency and adaptation to the law, the so-called compliance.

Upon becoming public, thanks to the work of the duo of reporters Gabriela Moreira and Martín Fernandez, he decided to take action and sent an e-mail to Caboclo suggesting a temporary leave so that he could “prove his innocence”.

Note: prove, don’t demonstrate or, come on, defend.

Well, at least, you put him away for 30 days.

It sounds like saying that General Eduardo Pazuello did not participate in a political act because the deadcyclist is not affiliated with any party.

When the pocketminion hordes start treating the technician Tite as a communist, it is because the earthworks extrapolated the dosage of chloroquine admitted so as not to kill Tico and Teco that inhabit their brains.

Tite isn’t, never was, and doesn’t intend to be João Saldanha, out of the Brazilian team during the dictatorship commanded by Garrastazu Médici. He only dreams of playing another World Cup, although he knows how important it is to be in solidarity with his teammates.

When speculating that he will be replaced by Renato Portaluppi, the genocide’s football affairs advisor, we go back in time and space once again, half a century ago.

Will Portaluppi repeat Zagallo’s role in his odes to the hopscotch? Will players accept after being so closed to Tite?

Because the federal government wants to because it wants to commemorate 500,000 deaths during Cova América and, like São Tomé, only seeing is believing in the boycott of athletes.

If it happens, another gain can be computed: the far right may abandon the use of the yellow shirt in its demonstrations in favor of AI-5, military intervention, torture, corruption, barbarism.

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