Brazilian court decides to host Copa America

The Supreme Court of Brazil has resolved the controversy over hosting the South American Football Cup “Copa America”, after it issued a ruling granting the green light to host the continental competition, despite the outbreak of the new Corona virus pandemic, which paves the way for holding the championship competitions on time. .

The court announced that the eleven judges of the Supreme Court of Brasília had voted unanimously in favor of hosting the tournament, and also ruled that municipalities and states would have the power to decide not to host the event within the limits of their respective responsibility.

But this move, which would threaten the holding of the tournament on time, seems unlikely, because the governors of the four states in which the matches are scheduled to be held are allies of President Jair Bolsonaro, who desperately wants to host the event for the second time in a row.

Yesterday, Brazil, with a population of 210 million people, recorded 2,693 deaths due to “Covid-19” infection in just 24 hours, which raised the number of deaths in the Latin country to more than 482,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The decision to host the Copa America was a contentious and political issue in Brazil, especially after Bolsonaro, who defied expert advice on containing the epidemic, decided to host the event, ignoring the advice of epidemiologists who expressed their concerns, like some coaches and players of the ten participating countries.

The South American Football Confederation “CONMEBOL” breathed a sigh of relief following the decision of the Supreme Court in Brazil, which mitigated the effects of the withdrawal of “MasterCard”, a company specialized in issuing credit cards, from its sponsorship of the Copa America.

The American multinational company said that after careful analysis, it decided not to activate the Copa America sponsorship in Brazil, as the “MasterCard” brand was absent from the tournament for the first time since 1992, to add to the troubles of the most expensive competition in the Latin continent.

And the South American Football Confederation “CONMEBOL” decided earlier to organize the most expensive tournament in the Latin continent, which will be held between June 13 and July 10, in two countries for the first time in its 105-year history, but recent events have brought the Copa America back into its tracks. First.

The tournament was supposed to be held in Argentina and Colombia, but the Colombian government asked to postpone the tournament; Due to the Corona pandemic, in addition to some of the turmoil that has struck Bogota since last April, which prompted CONMEBOL to exclude it from the organization before it was the turn of the Tango country, to save Brazil from the specter of cancellation.

The International Federation of Professional Players (FIFPro), expressed its deep concern about the transfer of the South American Football Championship to Brazil, which is considered one of the countries most affected by the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

Brazil, the defending champion, plays in the group that includes Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru, while Argentina plays in the group that includes Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.

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