Brazilian Round has uncomfortable writing and dispute for the top – 11/09/2021 – Juca Kfouri

At four o’clock in the afternoon this Sunday (12), two games to behold: Palmeiras x Flamengo and Fortaleza x Atlético Mineiro.

Weverton, Gustavo Gómez, Raphael Veiga and Dudu against Isla, Éverton Ribeiro, Gabigol and Arrascaeta, perhaps Bruno Henrique, in the green house.

At Castelão, the good Fortaleza, although in a less happy moment, against the Minas fleet, of Guilherme Arana, Nacho Fernández, Zaracho, Hulk and Diego Costa.

Too bad at the same time, because two unmissable games to dust off the boring Qualifiers.

Palmeiras faced with writing no less boring, that of not winning Flamengo for eight games, since 2017, with four unpleasant defeats. Worse: almost always in decisive games and with a draw, in the Supercopa do Brasil, which ended with a red-black victory on penalties, not to mention another, at home, when the pandemic forced the Cariocas to play with a bunch of boys.

Abel Ferreira doesn’t know what it’s like to win the derby and Renato Gaúcho doesn’t usually do well against Portuguese coaches, although the Palmeirense doesn’t remember Jorge Jesus at all.

Greater is the challenge of the excellent Juan Vojvoda against the starred athletic team. Your Fortaleza will have the fans of the entire country, except for Ceara, because the leader Galo is the opponent to be beaten.

Think of the rare reader and the rare reader how it must be sleepless to plan a way to face two tanks like the Hulk and Diego Costa.

Much more difficult than it was for the former captain to leave the truck owners hanging from the ceiling, and the orphaned pocketminions, to protect the 01, 02, 03 and 04.

Reply to Neymar

The irritadinho Neymar, after giving a pass to goal and making another in Peru, also stroked the opponent’s face, received a yellow card and is out of the next game, in Venezuela, on October 7th.

What can be very good for the Brazilian team and maybe encourage Tite to take him off the field when his football is below all he can.

Neymar was not limited to passing, scoring and being suspended.

Did you also ask what else you need to do to be respected in Brazil?

It’s simple. He needs to play more for the team than for himself; be decisive in a World Cup, regardless of bringing the Qatar cup; have balanced behavior on the field and demonstrate a minimum of empathy with the Brazilian people outside it.

penny of music

One day he said that Tostão wrote how he played, minimalist, straightforward, with a sharp knife and, to his indignation, I called him Graciliano Ramos from the Brazilian sports press.

Out of sheer modesty, the center forward of my all-time selection didn’t like it and pulled my ear.

It will pull again.

For years I looked at him, always with great admiration, and thought he looked like another admirable person, but I couldn’t identify which one.

After seeing the great documentary about Chico Buarque on Netflix, I found out: Edu Lobo looks a lot like Tostão.

And not just physically, in the way of speaking. Their art is also similar.

Yes, Edu Lobo is the Tostão of Brazilian music: genius, and discreet, in his.

Chico, Caetano and Gil are brilliant, explosive, media. Edu Lobo as brilliant as. Low profile.

Pelé, Gérson and Rivellino are brilliant, explosive, mediatic. Penny as bright as. Low profile.
I will not answer calls with prefix 31 in the next few days.

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