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Dominic Cummings grilled by Kuenssberg on ‘conning’ UK public

The former special adviser to Boris Johnson admitted he thought Boris Johnson being Prime Minister was “terrible for the country”, but that he and “a few dozen” backers sought to use his premiership to their advantage. In an explosive interview with BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, Mr Cummings said he had found Mr Johnson to have “hopeless” traits after working with him during the 2016 Brexit referendum, but agreed after he entered Downing Street three years later to assist him.

Sharing a clip of the infamous interview on his Twitter page, Mr Verhofstadt took the opportunity to gloat about the EU.

He wrote: “Let’s put in a good word for the EU’s civil servants.

“They are not elected but they DO believe their work is right for Europeans, they actually have plans to make it work, & they would never ever behave towards elected politicians with the disdain Cummings shows in every sentence.”

The Belgian MEP’s move was promptly lambasted by some Twitter users in the UK.

One said: “I’d use your time to concentrate on your problems. You’ve got enough of them. EU is a mess mate!!”

And another: “Pathetic indirect dig at Boris. Get over Brexit.”

Brexit news: Guy Verhofstadt gloated about the EU in an attack on Dominic Cummings (Image: GETTY)

brexit news guy verhofstadt boris johnson cummings

Brexit news: Guy Verhofstadt was told to ‘get over Brexit’ (Image: GETTY)

Someone else said: “Guy, whole countries like Poland and Hungary are working against your vision of the EU. What are you talking about?”

And another one: “The politics of this country no longer concern you. Haven’t you got a few smaller EU countries to bully?”

Asked during the BBC interview aired on Tuesday whether he was looking to “hasten” Mr Johnson’s departure from Downing Street, he said: “Certainly. The sooner he goes the better, for sure.”

In the hour-long broadcast, Mr Cummings said he had looked to “exploit” the situation the country found itself in after Mr Johnson took power in 2019.

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Mr Cummings, asked whether he had agreed to work with Mr Johnson so he could “get him to do what you wanted”, replied: “In part, yes. He didn’t know what he was doing but he did know that he needed help.”

The Vote Leave mastermind added: “I think it is terrible for the country but I keep trying to stress, you’ve got to balance up the different possibilities.

“From a practical matter, all our options were bad, so it was, which is the least bad option? The least bad option seemed to be, exploit the current situation to try and push certain things through and get the country into a better position.”

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brexit news dominic cummings boris johnson

Brexit news: Dominic Cummings said he discussed ousting PM after 2019 election landslide (Image: BBC)

Asked who was behind the decision to back Mr Johnson on the premise of securing Brexit, he replied: “Me and a network of people – some of us who did the Vote Leave campaign, some of us who did other things. A few dozen maybe.”

Responding to Mr Cummings’ criticism of Mr Johnson’s handling of the pandemic, Downing Street said the Prime Minister had “taken the necessary action to protect lives and livelihoods, guided by the best scientific advice”.

Another revelation made by Mr Cummings was that he considered a coup against Mr Johnson only “days” after the 2019 poll – during which he had helped him secure one of the largest general election wins in decades – due to fears the Conservative Party leader’s then-girlfriend, Carrie Johnson, was trying to oust Vote Leave personnel.

“Before even mid-January we were having meetings in Number 10 saying it’s clear that Carrie (Johnson) wants rid of all of us,” he said.

“At that point we were already saying by the summer either we’ll all have gone from here or we’ll be in the process of trying to get rid of him and get someone else in as prime minister.”

He said there was a “big argument” after Mrs Johnson, a former Tory head of communications, was looking to appoint and fire people “in ways that I thought were unethical and unprofessional”.

No 10 said political appointments are “entirely made by the Prime Minister”.

The 49-year-old also accused Mr Johnson of not having a plan for office and said he “doesn’t know how to be Prime Minister”, claiming his “only agenda” to be “buy more trains, buy more buses, have more bikes and build the world’s most stupid tunnel to Ireland – that’s it”.

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