Britain urges EU to revise the Northern Ireland Protocol as part of Brexit

The European Union (EU) should revise the Northern Ireland protocol with the UK as part of the secession agreement, as this document has proved ineffective in practice. The corresponding opinion was expressed on Sunday by the representative of the head of the British government Boris Johnson on Brexit and international politics David Frost in an article for the Financial Times, Trend reports with reference to TASS.

According to him, in its current form, the protocol, which implies the presence of customs and phytosanitary checks on a number of products supplied to Northern Ireland from other parts of the United Kingdom, in order to avoid a hard border between Ulster and the EU member Republic of Ireland, only exacerbates the situation in the region. “We see political turbulence: the departure of Arlene Foster as First Minister of Northern Ireland, the change of leadership in the Ulster Unionist Party and street protests, as well as real consequences affecting the lives of people and communities,” said Frost.

He added that London and Brussels “misjudged the effect of the protocol” on the supply of goods to Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom, as “some suppliers simply stopped shipping their products” to Ulster due to “time-consuming paperwork that provided in the document “. “We are seeing a decline in the supply of medicines. On supermarket shelves, buyers have less choice,” said Frost.

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