British performer to receive zero points at Eurovision 2021

Performer from Great Britain at Eurovision-2021 James Newman took the last place in the final of the competition, receiving zero points according to the results of the vote of the jury and the audience.

Many viewers were surprised by the judicial decision as a result of the completion of the competition. The Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam was filled with outrages. At the same time, the artist himself stood up with a smile, and his team raised the flags of Britain.

Newman performed Embers. However, in the end, the victory went to the Italian group Maneskin with the song Zitti E Buoni, gaining 524 points. The second was the singer from France Barbara Pravy with the song Voila, she scored 499 points, and the third place was taken by the performer from Switzerland Gjon’s Tears with the song Tout l’Univers, in his piggy bank 432 points.

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