British to create Afghan special operations unit

Hundreds of Afghan elite soldiers flew overseas from Kabul over an air bridge. In the UK, the possibility of combining them into a separate unit, like the Nepalese Gurkha brigade, is being considered, especially for covert operations in Afghanistan.

In August, about 100 people were flown to England by the Royal Air Force, where they will initially be united in the Paras (paratroopers) and SAS (Special Air Service) associations, writes the Daily Telegraph.

During the evacuation operation from Kabul, between 500 and 700 of these elite military personnel, together with foreign troops, held a defensive ring around the airport. Moreover, an unknown number of soldiers were disguised by the British as civilians in the crowd. They were to largely ensure the safe landing of American, British and other aircraft.

How large the unit should be is not yet clear, at least not officially. There is often talk of a “Afghan regiment” of several hundred men already in the UK. A small number of them trained for some time at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. Afghan special forces in the amount of 21 thousand people were the only reliable and really strong combat formation.

“Millions of pounds have been spent on bringing these Afghan troops up to very high standards. In the medium term and in the coming years, they will be absolutely invaluable for the UK on dangerous missions in Afghanistan. Not only do they know the situation better than anyone, but they have been fighting terrorism for many years, “a senior military man told the Daily Mirror.


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