Brother of spousal murder victim files police complaint

Sequestered and killed by her ex-husband in 2019, Nathalie, 47, had filed three handrails and lodged a complaint against him for harassment and death threats.

Could a new homicide of a woman by her ex-spouse have been avoided? This is the question asked by the brother of Nathalie D., kidnapped and then brutally murdered with knives by Jérôme T., his ex-spouse, on May 27, 2019 in Lille.

Nathalie, 47, mother of two children, could not escape her murderer, despite several reports to the police, reports BFMTV. Between February and May 2019, the victim files three handrails and a complaint in the same Lille police station. She reports harassment and death threats from her ex-spouse. However, “no measures have been taken to protect it“, According to the lawyer of the brother of the victim, Maître Isabelle Steyer. Nicolas D. therefore decided to file a complaint against the police, for “have answers.»

Almost two years after the death of his sister, Nicolas D. remains in the dark. The murderer of his sister was never summoned by the police until committing the irreparable on May 27, 2019. Yet the man’s attitude could cause concern. Jérôme T., 53, owner of laundry companies in the Lille metropolitan area, is known to the police and the courts. According to the lawyer Me Isabelle Steyer, he is reputed “impulsive, «angry“And”manipulator.»

The crime would arise from a conflictual separation. “Nathalie discovered in the summer of 2018 that Jérôme T. had already served prison and was accused of insurance fraud», Says to Figaro Me Isabelle Steyer. After several attempts, she ended up leaving him on February 3, 2019. According to her brother Nicolas, the ex-spouse began to threaten her: “You won’t leave me. If you leave me i kill youHe told her. It doesn’t stop there. The man stalks and harasses her. He has her watched by “men from the Roma community», At his place of work, according to the family lawyer. “Terrorized, my sister went through hell.», Declares Nicolas D.

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Four handrails and a complaint

According to her relatives Nathalie lived in a “permanent fear»Until his assassination. On February 11, 2019, she deposited a first handrail at the Lille police station. Her ex-partner issued a warning to her: he intends to “get home by all means.“On March 5, in a second handrail, she explained to the police that this time,”he took action.» «Jerome T. followed her to the parking lot of the bank where she works. She pushed him away as he entered the elevator», Explains his brother Nicolas.

The forty-something feels less and less secure. On March 9, she filed a complaint at the same police station. She explains to the police that her ex-companion confided to third parties “his will to kidnap and kill her.“He also explained to them the scenario”macabreHe imagined for her. “Nathalie knew before his death that Jérôme T. had premeditated his passage to the act. During an internment in psychiatry, this notorious crook expressed his desire to throw her in a car trunk, in order to put a ‘pressure blow’ on her. He also raised the possibility of ‘stopping’ her», Details in Figaro Me Isabelle Steyer, who quotes from the victim’s minutes.

On May 22, 2019, the Lille police station summons her: Nathalie D. is the subject of a complaint from her ex-spouse who accuses her of having stolen two of her phones. “It is staggering. The attacker was listened to more by the police, unlike this woman without a criminal record, denounces Me Isabelle Steyer. The same day, the police refused to file a new complaint, requested by Nathalie. She is forced to drop a simple handrail. “My sister had however presented new elements: flat tire, hacking of her Facebook account. She was really in danger ”, laments his brother.

Five days later, Nathalie was kidnapped early in the morning of May 27, by Jérôme T. and his three henchmen in broad daylight at his workplace. A witness to the kidnapping warns the police. A team goes to the scene, but without an answer at the door, turns around. His brother points to a lack of responsiveness: “My kidnapped sister may still have been alive at the time.Her body mutilated with a cutter was discovered a few hours later in the bathtub at her ex-spouse’s home.


The murderer and his three accomplices are in pre-trial detention and indicted. At Figaro, lawyer Isabelle Steyer raises a case “extraordinary“And”malfunctions»Coverage by the police. “His complaint was not considered a priority. No protective measures have been put in place, despite his requests. My sister was never considered a victim», Regrets his brother bitterly. Nicolas D. also ensures that he is not inhabited by “a feeling of revenge, or wanting to speak anti-police.“By his complaint, he hopes to end”to an inertia of institutions.»

Contacted by the Figaro, the Lille public prosecutor’s office currently excludes all responsibility. “The complaint made to the Lille police station on March 9, 2019 for indirect death threats, had not been brought to the attention of the prosecution. On the judicial level, it was not entrusted with an investigation to the IGPN. On the other hand, an administrative investigation was carried out.»


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