Bruno Covas’ cancer affects liver and bones, tests show

Tests show the emergence of new foci of cancer in the liver and bones of Mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB), according to a medical bulletin released on Friday (16).

According to the statement, the mayor was admitted to the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital on Thursday (15) to undergo control tests, where new points of the disease were found.

“Therefore, adjustments in treatment were necessary. Tomorrow, chemotherapy is expected to continue, adding immunotherapy,” says the bulletin.

According to the statement, Covas is clinically well, without symptoms and able to continue with personal and professional activities.

Covas is being accompanied by teams coordinated by doctors David Uip, Artur Katz, Tulio Eduardo Flesch Pfiffer and Roberto Kalil Filho.

Covas spoke on his social network saying he will not bow his head. “Put your head down !? No way. I’m going to keep fighting. I still have a lot of work to do. Thank you all for the love you always have. Prayers, prayers, positive thoughts that I receive from every corner make me stronger in this battle,” .

In February, Covas had a new liver lump discovered. At the time, the mayor’s medical team said the cancer in the digestive system he has been treating since 2019 has managed to “gain ground”, but that the new lump found in the mayor’s liver is smaller than the one found almost two years ago, according to results of new exams.

The mayor’s cancer originated in the cardia, a valve in the digestive tract, and then it also affected the liver. He started treatment in 2019 and has since avoided moving away from his duties at the city hall, limiting his medical licenses. Last year, he was re-elected for another four-year term.

Between October 2019 and last February, the mayor had eight chemotherapy sessions. The cancerous lesions have regressed, but have not completely disappeared.


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