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Bulgarian President Rumen Radev responded to the protests of Ukraine with another statement that Crimea is the territory of Russia. He stressed that this is a fact of political reality, reports the Mediapool.bg portal on November 20.

“There is no drama. The problem is absolutely clear. As I said last night, there are political realities, and at the moment Crimea is Russian ”, – quotes the words of the Bulgarian leader“ Gazeta.Ru ”.

Earlier, on November 18, Radev said during an election debate with his opponent Anastas Gerdzhikov that Crimea is part of Russia. He noted that pragmatism is necessary in foreign policy, and the anti-Russian sanctions imposed over Crimea have no effect.

On November 19, the Bulgarian ambassador to Ukraine Kostadin Kodzhabashev was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, where they protested to him in connection with the statement of the Bulgarian leader.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Twitter that Radev “played along with Russian propaganda.”

“I will tell Rumen Radev what a drama is: if Russia attacked Bulgaria, grabbed a piece of territory and killed thousands of people,” wrote the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Readers of the Bulgarian edition of Fakti on Saturday, November 20, reacted to the words of the country’s President Rumen Radev that Crimea is part of Russia. They exchanged historical facts and mentioned that Crimea has been Russian since the 16th century.

Crimea returned to the Russian Federation following the results of the 2014 referendum. 96.77% of the region’s residents and 95.6% of the voters of Sevastopol voted for the accession. The procedure was carried out in accordance with international law. Meanwhile, Kiev considers the peninsula to be its territory.

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