Businessmen wing maintains Bolsonaro marathon with Bolsonaro – 04/08/2021 – Bruno Boghossian

In March last year, businessman Flávio Rocha complained about the restriction measures enacted in the states. “The recession resulting from pulling the economy out of the pipeline is going to generate many more deaths,” he said. Five months and 115,000 dead later, the owner of Riachuelo spoke about herd immunity and said that the scenario was “post-pandemic”.

“There are data for all tastes. The human being is pessimistic, pays more attention to bad news than to good news. This is because, due to natural selection, optimists died more quickly”, he philosophized, in an interview with Folha, in August.

With or without pessimism, the number of deaths in Brazil has tripled since then. Some entrepreneurs, however, prefer to remain firm in the pandemic’s negative marathon. Concerned about the success of their own businesses, they take advantage of the fact that there is a flagship of this movement at the most important political post in the country.

Rocha and some colleagues were with Jair Bolsonaro last Wednesday (7). The president found a friendly environment, received some applause, repeated his litany about treatment with ineffective drugs against Covid-19 and made yet another violent attack on restrictive measures. It didn’t even seem that the country had reached 4 thousand deaths in one day.

One of the guests was the owner of Multiplan, which controls shopping centers. In April last year, the company published an ad suggesting that common flu and pneumonia caused more deaths than the new disease. “Unemployment and hunger can have consequences as or more lethal than the coronavirus,” said the text.

The dinner host with Bolsonaro was Washington Cinel, owner of food and security companies. He defended efforts to speed up the vaccination and explained the reason to reporter Joana Cunha: “The guy gets sick, he is not going to work, you need to hire another one. What we are losing with this is incredible at an economic level. That is the big problem, beyond deaths, of course “.

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