By honoring Marília Mendonça, the Multishow Award solves injustice with Ludmilla – 11/08/2021 – Hello

The Multishow Award announced Marília Mendonça, who died at the age of 26 in an air accident on Friday (5), as the winner of the trophy in this category at this year’s event, which still has votes open to the public.


The announcement was made by the awards this Sunday (7) as a way to honor her. The channel warns that competitors’ fan clubs have also been asking for the trophy to be automatically delivered to Marília. At the same time, the channel resolves a cucumber created with this year’s edition, which had excluded Ludmilla, one of the most performed singers of the year, from the group of finalists.


A love relationship that has been collecting for at least 25 years won this Wednesday night (3) a new chapter for Carnival. A spawn of the community, Juliana Souza will assume the post of Drum Queen at GRES União da Ilha. The beauty will occupy the position left by Gracyanne Barbosa, who reigned for three consecutive years.

At 33 years old, the businesswoman began her history in the association as a child, when she started to attend its court, always taken by her father, one of the great composers at the school and director of carnival for several seasons of revelry.


It’s not easy to talk. Marília impressed me a lot for her vocal power and also for her way of seeing things. It was an affirmation of the strength of popular song in Brazil

Maisa Silva, 19, celebrates her performance in the 7th film of her career, “Desapega!”, as Duda, in the comedy directed by Hsu Chien, with the title script by Leandro Matos and collaboration with Gloria Pires, who plays Rita, the character’s mother of the teen muse in production. Best friends, the two live generational dilemmas in the film.


Amidst the controversy in which he became involved in honoring his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, 31, Chris Pratt, 42, won the support of his mother-in-law, journalist and businesswoman Maria Shriver. “I want to remind you today what a good man you are, what a wonderful father you are to Jack and Lyla,” she said in the publication that sparked the controversy.


Former Britney Spears manager, 39, Lou Taylor, 56, has denied that she controlled medication, monitored the singer’s online life and also the fact that she had secretly bugged the star’s bedroom. She has filed a motion to block a request for full accountability for the past 13 years from Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, which manages athletes and artists businesses.


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