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Caixa Econômica Federal evaluates to anticipate the next installments of the 2021 emergency aid. The announcement was made this Friday (16th) by the bank’s president, Pedro Guimarães.

“From the evaluation of the payment for this first cycle, we will also be able to anticipate the payments for cycles 2, 3 and 4. It will be as it was done now, where we first published the calendar, we saw how the payment dynamics went, we realized that we were doing well and , then, we anticipate “, said Guimarães.

On Thursday (15), during a live with President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), the president of Caixa had already announced the anticipation of dates for withdrawals and transfers to other banks of the first installment of the aid.

The advance is not valid for Bolsa Família beneficiaries, who receive assistance to whom they are entitled in the program’s normal payment schedule.

With the change announced by Caixa, informal workers registered in CadÚnico born in January will be able to transfer or withdraw the values ​​of digital social savings from April 30th. Before, the withdrawal would only be possible on the 4th of May.

The advance also allows all beneficiaries to be able to make transfers and withdrawals of the first installment until May 17. In the previous calendar, the last withdrawal date was scheduled to start on June 4th.

In the case of credit in digital social savings, which started on April 6, two dates were brought forward. The deposit at Caixa Tem for those born in November and in December went from April 29 and April 30, respectively, to days 28 and 29.

Emergency aid 2021 | Informal workers

The dates below are intended for the payment of four installments to beneficiaries enrolled by Caixa’s digital platforms in 2020 or selected through the Cadastro Único.

Deposit orders in Caixa’s digital account and authorization for cash withdrawals were defined according to the month of birth of the beneficiaries.

1st Installment

Born in Deposit with Caixa Tem (Credit in digital social savings)

Cash withdrawal or transfer to other banks

Janeiro 6 of April April 30th
February April 9th May 3
March April 11 may 4th
April April 13th May 5th
May April 15 May 6
June April 18th May 7th
July April 20th May 10th
August April 22 may 11
September April 25th may 12
October April 27 May 13
November April 28 (new credit date) May 14
December April 29 (new credit date) may 17

2nd Installment

Birth Deposit at Caixa Tem Cash withdrawal
Janeiro May 16 June 8th
February May 19 June 10
March May 23 15th of June
April May 26th June 17
May May 28 June 18
June May 30th June 22
July June 2 June 24
August June 6 June 29
September June 9 1st of July
October June 11th July 2
November June 13 July, 5th
December June 16 July 8

3rd installment

Birth Deposit at Caixa Tem Cash withdrawal
Janeiro June 20 July 13
February June 23 July 15th
March June 25th July 16
April June 27 July 20
May June 30th July, 22
June 4th of July July 27
July 6th of July July 29
August July 9 July 30
September July 11 August 4
October July 14th August 6
November July 18th August 10
December July 21 August 12th

4th installment

Birth Deposit at Caixa Tem Cash withdrawal
Janeiro July 23 August 13
February July 25 August 17
March July 28 August 19th
April August 1st August 23rd
May August 3 August 25th
June August 5 August 27
July August 8 August 30
August August 11th September 1st
September August 15th September 3
October August 18 September 6
November August 20th September 8
December August 22 September 10th

Emergency aid 2021 | Family Allowance

The dates below are intended for the payment of the four installments to beneficiaries who are part of the Bolsa Família.

Deposit orders in Caixa’s digital account and authorization for cash withdrawals for this group always fall on the same day. The date for receipt will depend on the final number of the NIS (Social Registration Number).

Final NIS number 1st installment 2nd installment 3rd installment 4th installment
1 16/04 18/05 17/06 19/07
2 19/04 19/05 18/06 20/07
3 20/04 20/05 21/06 21/07
4 22/04 21/05 22/06 22/07
5 23/04 24/05 23/06 23/07
6 26/04 25/05 24/06 26/07
7 27/04 26/05 25/06 27/07
8 28/04 27/05 28/06 28/07
9 29/04 28/05 29/06 29/07
0 30/04 31/05 30/06 30/07


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