California mayor resigns after Farrah Abraham becomes NINTH woman to accuse him of sexual assault

Four women initially came forward with sexual assault and rape allegations against Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli in an April 10 article in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Since then, five more women – including reality star Farah Abraham, have shared allegations of sexual assault.

Smoky Rose

A French national who interned at a winery in Sonoma County in California in the summer of 2019 accused Dominic Foppoli, the mayor of Windsor, of luring her into his Tesla by offering to let her check out the car.

She claims that once she sat in the passenger’s seat, Foppoli took off and drove them to a strange house where he allegedly grabbed her and pinned his body against her while forcibly kissing her and groping her buttocks.

The young woman, one of the first group of accusers to step forward, said she ordered Foppoli to stop but he tightened his grip and wouldn’t listen to her repeatedly telling him ‘no.’

She told The San Francisco Chronicle that she doesn’t remember what happened after telling him to repeatedly stop what he was doing.

Foppoli sent messaged to Fumoso on Instagram that show he repeatedly invited her to drink alcohol with him after the alleged attack.

Unnamed woman in 2003

Foppoli dated an 18-year-old campaign volunteer in 2003 while running for the California State Assembly, she told The San Francisco Chronicle.

The woman, now 35, accused Foppoli of sexually assaulting her while they were dating before raping her after they broke up.

Foppoli said that she was waiting to have sex until marriage because of her Catholic faith but Foppoli ‘ignored her boundaries’ while dating and digitally penetrated her without her permission and despite her objections, she told the outlet.

The woman said Foppoli begged her for a last date after they broke up and she agreed to celebrate the New Year with him, and he plied her with Champagne and hard liquor despite never having drank alcohol before.

Foppoli allegedly corralled her into a dark bedroom where he allegedly forcefully raped her as she pleaded with him to stop.

She told the outlet she threw up over the side of the bed and fell asleep – waking up to Foppoli allegedly raping her again. She said he drover her home in silence the next day.

Sophia Williams

In 2006, Foppoli took a dance class in Santa Rosa and met then-21-year-old Sophia Williams.

Williams and Foppoli shared a cab together one night after a group outing to a local nightclub. But instead of taking her to her home, he took her to his.

Foppoli allegedly convinced her to stay by offering her his bedroom while he slept on the couch – but instead he allegedly jumped into bed with her and put his finger down her pants.

She said she was able to escape his alleged attack by locking herself in his bathroom until she could slip out in the morning when a friend came to pick her up.

Allison Britton

In June 2012, as Foppoli’s political star in Sonoma County continued rising, he ran into Allison Britton at a civic convention in Reno, Nevada.

Britton, then aged 27, said she had been drinking heavily that night while playing poker at a casino. A friend who was with her told the paper she was visibly inebriated.

The friend said she asked Foppoli to escort Britton to her hotel room, but he allegedly took her to his room instead.

Britton said she was drifting in and out of consciousness, and at one point found herself kneeling on the hotel bathroom floor. She was topless and Foppoli’s penis was in her mouth.

‘It scared the f***ing hell out of me,’ she told the paper.

Britton said she allowed Foppoli to ejaculate on her chest, then passed out on his bed, and eventually slipped out of the room unnoticed.

Shannon McCarthy

Shannon McCarthy, 38, became the fifth accuser when she told The San Francisco Chronicle in a video interview that she decided to come forward after reading the initial revelations.

McCarthy, who now lived in Florida with her husband and three kids, said she dated Foppoli for three years during which he allegedly forced her to engage in oral sex dozens of times.

She also recounted one instance in 2002 when Foppoli allegedly handcuffed her to the bed of the apartment they shared without her consent and forced grapes into her vagina as she struggled and begged for him to stop.

McCarthy told the outlet that, afterward, she was bleeding from her ankles where she had struggled against the handcuffs.

Esther Lemus, Windsor Town Council

Esther Lemus, a colleague of Foppoli on the Windsor Town Council who also serves as a Deputy District Attorney for Sonoma County, has accused him of sexual assault in a report to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Lemus suspects Foppoli slipped drugs into her drinks at his Christopher Creek Winery, leading to sexual assaults on two occasions last year, it has been reported.

Former Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley

Rachel Hundley, the former mayor of Sonoma, accused Foppoli of sexual misconduct after an incident in January 2015. Further details about the allegations were not immediately clear.

Woman identified as ‘Jane’ in 2013

An unnamed woman, who identified herself by her middle name Jane, accused the mayor of sexually assaulting her in a hot tub in 2013 in an email sent in 2017, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

The woman, 34, said she was in the hot tub at Christopher Creek Winery with Foppoli and a group of her friends for a birthday celebration when he ‘exposed his penis underwater and thrust it into her hand,’ the outlet reported.

Farrah Abraham |

Reality star Farrah Abraham filed a police report in Palm Beach, Florida accusing Foppoli of sexual assault.

The details of the allegation remain unclear, though her lawyer described them as ‘very serious.’


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