Cameroon to Uzbekistan in friendly

This Friday, Cameroon, a member of the Brazil already world Cup, lost 2-0 to Uzbekistan in a friendly held in South Korea. Khojimat Erkinov and Oston Urunov scored the goals, in the 24th minute of the first half and 31st of the second, respectively.

The African team is in Group G of the World Cup, along with Brazil, Serbia and Switzerland. The match between Brazilians and Cameroonians will be for the third round of the group stage of the competition, on December 2, at 4 pm (GMT).

Before, Cameroon debuts in the Cup against Switzerland, on November 24, at 7 am (Brasília). The duel against the Serbians will be four days later, at the same time.

Cameroon will still play a friendly on this Fifa Date, in the last test before the start of the World Cup. The team faces South Korea (present in group H of the World Cup, with Portugal, Ghana and Uruguay), next Tuesday, at 8 am (GMT).

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