Campaign exalts Xi Jinping at home; USA already awaiting a new mandate – 11/07/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Accompanying the series of exalted articles in Renmin Ribao or People’s Daily, the Xinhua agency has dispatched an extensive “Profile: Xi Jinping, the man who leads the Chinese CP on a new journey”.

It made headlines in vehicles across the country, with parts like: “This is a man of determination and action, a man of deep thoughts and feelings, a man who has inherited a legacy but dares to innovate, a man who has a vision for the future and is committed to working tirelessly.”

It is another preparatory text for the party’s Sixth Plenary, which starts on Monday (8) and should equate Xi with Mao Tse-tung and Deng Xiaoping, with a “resolution on history” like those signed by the two leaders.

Profile and articles echoed by Western agencies and newspapers such as Alibaba’s South China Morning Post, and the New York Times, the latter directly linking one of the PC’s daily covers (above) and the state agency.

The NYT chief correspondent’s lengthy text says a newly edited party story “celebrates Xi’s successes in reducing corruption, cutting poverty and advancing technological capability.”

And that, “strengthened, it is very likely that he will gain another five-year term” starting in 2022.


Japanese Nikkei reports that Alibaba CEO Gary Liu told the South China Morning Post that the group “has never discussed and has no plans” to sell the Hong Kong newspaper.

“SCMP has grown into a global news organization with a unique and critical ‘Asian Voice’, with a plurality of points of view,” he added, criticizing the “rumor” it nationalized.

Publications from Hong Kong and Beijing report the departure of the editor-in-chief of Stand News, linked by family relations to Pingguo Ribao or Apple Daily, which closed in June. “Signals the end of the anti-government vehicle” from Honcon, one more.


Guangzhou, South China’s weekly Nanfang Zhoumo, regarded as the country’s most liberal newspaper until an intervention about eight years ago, the first under Xi, highlighted the death of its founding editor, Zuo Fang, at 86.

Founding publisher Hu Shuli’s Caixin, a financial publication now also under threat, took the obituary to the top of the house.


With videos on Weibo and other networks, young people celebrate the Chinese victory over South Korea in the final of the League of Legends World Cup. The result in the early hours of Sunday brought thousands to the streets and balconies of buildings, with the flag of the Shanghai team, EDG.

China has 488 million e-sports players, according to Global Times/Huanqiu.

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