Campaign in connection with vaccination against COVID-19 started in Azerbaijan (VIDEO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 15Trend: The Ministry of Health, the State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance (MHI) and the Association for the Management of Medical Territorial Subdivisions (TİBIB) are conducting a joint campaign in connection with vaccination against coronavirus. Its main goal is to draw the attention of citizens to vaccination.

Campaign videos, radio messages, billboards and printed materials emphasize that vaccination is important for returning to the old life, Trend reports on Saturday.

The first video is dedicated to the topic of wedding ceremonies.

The basic idea is that the more people get vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to our old lives. The campaign slogan complements this idea: “Let’s get vaccinated to return the life we ​​miss!”

The campaign strategy was implemented by the communication agency Maverick, and the work within its framework was carried out by Baku Media Center.

(Text: Tural Garadzhaev. Editor: Konstantin Shapiro)

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