Can antivaxers invoke the Kouchner law against the vaccine obligation?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The Kouchner law specifies that no treatment can be administered “without the free and informed consent of the person”.

THE QUESTION. Among the many legal quibbles used by antivax, the Kouchner law denotes. In the many processions of demonstrations last weekend, signs invoked him to refuse vaccination and the health pass, seen as a disguised vaccination obligation. It would promote the “health democracy“, Opposed to”health dictatorshipWhich would be put in place by the government. It would therefore be a “means of resistance».

However, its author, former Minister of Health Bernard Kouchner, promoted compulsory vaccination in the Journal du Dimanche. “Those who, faced with this virus, choose to “fight” individually are, if not deserters, at least allies of the virus“. What is it? Can antivaxes evoke the Kouchner law against compulsory vaccination?

SEE ALSO – «A health pass without systematic checks is a family Netflix subscription“, Quips Olivier Véran.

CHECKS. Let’s start by recalling what

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