Cancellation of mandatory maintenance for passenger cars: how it will be

OSAGO was “untied” from technical inspection, and now other innovations are coming

In one day, two news related to the state technical inspection: firstly, the State Duma, in the course of work on the bill on insurance rules, “untied” the sale of CTP policies from the technical inspection. Secondly, the traffic police has prepared amendments to the laws on technical inspection and traffic safety: for personal cars, maintenance may become voluntary. We learned that it will be easier to pay for OSAGO and get on the road. But no one promises insurance payments and the absence of problems with traffic police.

What did the bosses say? The head of the traffic safety department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov – literally the following: “The Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared proposals to the Government of the Russian Federation on amendments to Federal Laws 170″ On technical inspection “and 196” On road safety “, where the procedure for passing technical inspection for personal cars is proposed make it not mandatory, but voluntary. “

What about the deputies? The State Duma in the second reading (June 15 will be the third, technical reading) amendments to the Law on the organization of insurance business. Among them, an amendment suddenly appeared for external observers, which excludes the need for the owner of the car to provide a diagnostic card when buying an OSAGO policy. The law will come into force on August 22 – until that moment, it will be possible to buy an MTPL policy only if you have a diagnostic card (many had difficulties with obtaining it under the new rules).

“This is what I have suggested many times,” the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Za Rulem” Maxim Kadakov rejoices. – And this is exactly what we recently discussed with the traffic police at the working group on the protection of the rights of car owners.

Many representatives of motorist organizations have expressed similar ideas. Indeed, the new complicated inspection rules, which came into effect on March 1 this year, have caused problems in the industry. There are few maintenance points ready to work in a new way (with photographs in a single register and a detailed examination), even in Moscow. In addition, almost immediately the “near-techosmotrovsk” business began to come up with workarounds – for example, a scheme with dummy cars of common colors and brands, which allowed “to pass MOT” remotely, became known.

So, if only the first sentence comes into force, the “execution” of motorists without maintenance will begin on March 1 next year, when a system for detecting and punishing vehicles that do not have a technical inspection using cameras should start working. Prior to that, we were talking about cars that do not have compulsory motor third party liability insurance – and such a system has already been de facto created. But if the idea of ​​the traffic police also gets the force of law – that is, MOT for private passenger cars will become voluntary – everything will become somewhat more interesting.

– No one cancels the driver’s obligation to monitor the technical condition of the car, therefore, most likely, the OSAGO policy untied from the technical inspection will contain a clause according to which, in the event of an accident due to a technical malfunction of the car, the insurance company will have the right to subrogation (transfer of the obligation to compensate for damage) to the insured, – the specialist of the department of insurance payments of one of the major auto insurers told MK. – Or, as an option, insurance against liability for technical condition will be contained in additional insurance of motor third party liability – in much the same way as people are now buying car insurance policies with increased coverage. I can say that in Moscow this may be quite justified, given the average cost of cars on the roads.

The second sobering circumstance is that the traffic police are not at all going to give up control of the technical condition of cars on the roads. On the contrary, quite recently, traffic police inspectors have received the right to check the compliance of vehicles with technical regulations and issue orders for urgent elimination of inconsistencies.

– According to paragraph 2.3.1 of the Road Traffic Regulations in force for 2020, immediately before leaving, the driver must ensure that the vehicle is in good technical condition and make sure that the following systems work without problems: the brake system, steering, hitch (as part of the road train), headlights and rear parking lights (at night or in conditions of insufficient visibility), as well as a wiper on the driver’s side, – recalls Yulia Kablinova from the Blue Buckets movement. – If you ensure control over such cars that do not follow this rule, then no archaic technical inspections are needed.

In other words, toning, non-standard headlights and rubber, accessories such as towbars and non-standard trunks, and a few dozen other items can still become the subject of heated discussion at a car with a flashing light. Moreover, “a piece of paper on technical inspection”, as recently, will not work. Salvation can only be papers stored in the “glove compartment”, confirming the legality of all alterations. Well, or some other paper product to the taste of the inspector.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28557 of June 11, 2021

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