Carol Castro lives the scientific police officer in her debut as the protagonist – 11/09/2021 – Zapping – Cristina Padiglione

The column brings the first image of “Insânia”, a national series on the Star+ platform, in eight episodes, which premieres on December 3rd. Here, alongside Rafaela Mandelli, Carol Castro lives a scientific police officer who is admitted to a psychiatric clinic after a family tragedy.

The cast also includes Bella Camero, Eucir de Souza, Rafael Losso and Samuel de Assis. Actors Ravel Cabral, Thomas Aquino, Lourinelson Vladimir, Fabio Marcoff, Leonardo Goulart, Rosana Stavis, Luthero Almeida and Pedro Inoue complete the team.


Open TV channel, but without free streaming, Record News gained an on-demand space to call its own within Pluto TV, a platform supported by advertising, and therefore without the need for a paid subscription. From the Viacom group, Pluto has more than 51 channels, but this will be the first for news.

Photo by Cristina Pavilion

Cristina Padiglione, 50, is a journalist and writes about television-related subjects. It has covered the area since 1991, when pay TV was still in its infancy. She worked at the newsrooms of the newspapers Folha da Tarde (1992-1995), Folha (1997-1999) and O Estado de S. Paulo (2000-2016), among other publications. She also has the blog Telepadi (, hosted on Folha’s website.

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