CDC calls for an emergency meeting to discuss a dangerous side effect of the Corona vaccine on young people

The American CNBC channel said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will hold an emergency meeting soon, to discuss a number of cases of heart infections that a number of young people and adolescents have contracted after receiving Corona vaccines.

The channel added that the meeting will be held on the eighteenth of June, stressing that the reason for this meeting – despite the scarcity of cases – turned out to be higher than expected.

So far, the CDC has received more than 226 reports of cases of myocarditis, as well as inflammation of the myocardium, known as pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the membrane surrounding and enveloping the heart muscle, causing the accumulation of some fluids around the heart, which, if increased in size, obstructs The heart expands and fills with blood to be pumped to the vital organs of the human body.

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