Celebrities protest after the death of a pregnant young woman in Rio de Janeiro – 06/09/2021 – Celebrities

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Actress Taís Araujo believes that it is important to talk about blackness beyond violence. This Tuesday (8), however, she admitted that it is almost impossible to do this at the moment we live.

“It’s hard to keep talking about beauty and the future when the lives of young black people are constantly being disrupted,” he wrote on social media.

Taís was referring to the death of model and interior designer Kathlen de Oliveira Romeu, 24, who was shot during a shootout between military police and criminals in the Lins community in the north of Rio de Janeiro.

Kathlen was four months pregnant, was taken to hospital, but died soon after.

“Let justice be done,” asked Tais.

Several other artists spoke out about the death of the model and designer.

“A news that is repeated so often that it is nauseating. Innocents. Blacks. Dead. Police operation,” wrote actor Icaro Silva. “The Brazilian State is not at war against drugs. It has been, since its formation, serving the extermination of the black and peripheral population. It is no longer possible to pretend not to.”

Singer Preta Gil said she was unable to post a photo of Kathlen. “I didn’t have the courage. Looking at your belly carrying a life makes my head almost explode with pain,” he wrote. “How long are we going to put up with this?”

“One hundred years from now, my great-grandchildren’s grandchildren will look perplexed at what we are experiencing and will try to understand the reasons that make us seem numb in the face of an avalanche of absurdities,” protested singer Elza Soares.

Actress and singer Jeniffer Nascimento revealed that the model was her follower on social media and also lamented the death. “Another family destroyed by the atrocities of violence. We continue to resist to exist,” he said.

To talk about the case, singer Mumuzinho cited statistics on the deaths of young black people in Brazil. “Every 23 minutes a young black man is murdered in Brazil,” he recalled. “An entire family destroyed! Until when?”

“Two black lives that go at once,” lamented actress Camila Pitanga. “More lives destroyed. Those that are gone and those that are left with the pain of loss.”

The actress Jessica Ellen also showed sadness for what happened. “Another interrupted black dream,” he said.


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