Cevipof “denies” working with LR on an investigation to identify their presidential candidate

Christian Jacob had yet announced yesterday at a press conference that his party was going to order two major investigations at the Sciences Po research center in order to identify a candidate for the right.

It’s a little quack that Les Républicains would have done well without. At the end of a strategic council of the party, Wednesday, June 9, Christian Jacob, its president, announced the order of two large surveys at Cevipof (Center for political research of Sciences Po) on the basis of a large sample of more than 15,000 people sharing the values ​​of the right and the center to determine the emergence of a favorite for the presidential election. A first wave in September and a second in October which will allow Jean Leonetti, appointed to determine the procedure for appointing the right-wing candidate, “to inform the process that will be retained».

An announcement denied later in the day by Martial Foucault, the director of Cevipof. Asked about Public Senate, he explains that the Sciences Po research center “was not solicited by LR». «The Cevipof is not involved, either directly or indirectly, with any political party, neither LR, nor any other. Otherwise it would put us in an embarrassing situation. It would be very complicated and it is not our mandate. It would be a mixture of genres that we cannot afford as a CNRS laboratory», He states.

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A “confusion»

During his speech, the President of the Republicans referred to investigations conducted under the supervision of Pascal Perrineau, former director of Cevipof. On Public Senate, the director of the research center specifies: “The Cevipof is mentioned by the voice of one of its researchers, Pascal Perrineau, who agreed, at LR’s request, to scientifically supervise the methodology of this survey. And LR will go through an institute », He explains. Pascal Perrineau would have explained to him that there had been “ a confusion, that he had not engaged the Cevipof ».

Confusion recognized by the leadership of the Republicans. “I apologize to Cevipof and Martial Foucault”, Christian Jacob tweeted Thursday morning, “For the confusion and the shorthand for my press conference.” Cevipof is in no way concerned by this study which will be carried out by a polling institute under the scientific supervision of Pascal Perrineau ”.

For these two surveys, Pascal Perrineau will in fact be associated with Frédéric Dabi, deputy director general of the Ifop polling institute. The study will therefore in fact be carried out by Ifop. “I don’t know how Ifop is going to build its sample. They rarely do panel studies, because a panel is a database owned by an institute. And Ifop does not own its panel. (…) I would be curious to know how Ifop will go about it with this sample which presents some biases. I am not sure that in these databases we do not have some holes in the racket», Concludes on Public Senate Martial Foucault.


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