Chamber of Deputies had 531 cases of servers with coronavirus and 21 deaths – 07/04/2021 – Panel

Between March 2020 and February this year, the Chamber of Deputies registered 531 cases of Covid-19 of effective and commissioned civil servants, according to data obtained by the column under the Access to Information Law. Of these, 21 resulted in deaths (three of them in the DF and the others in the states).

The Chamber has 9,553 parliamentary secretaries, 2,729 civil servants and 1,644 occupants of special positions. Between the latter and the effective, reports Casa, there were no deaths from coronavirus.

The concentration of cases occurred mainly in the months of July (80) and August (102). It plummeted between September (37) and November (39), but rose again in December (67), following the national trend. In February, it registered 69 new contaminations.

The months with the most deaths were January (8) and February (3) of 2021. Before that, no month had had more than two deaths.

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