Chamusca values ​​conversation with Botafogo players at halftime

O Botafogo won his first victory in Brazilian Series B. The alvinegros beat the Coritiba, for 2 a 0, at Nilton Santos Stadium, on Saturday.

The winning goals only happened in the final stage. Coach Marcelo Chamusca highlighted that he asked for a change in posture during the break.

“My conversation during the break was a demand for us to put pressure on Coritiba. They had control in the first half, we didn’t climb the first line. Our wingers only marked the full-backs, they gave space. We demand intensity, little aggressiveness”, he said.

The coach analyzed the complementary stage: “In the second half, we improved. I asked us to take advantage of the field side plays. I called attention at the break and, with tranquility and confidence, look for the result. We control and play with the result.”

Chamusca started the match with some changes. He stated that he is still looking for the best formation in Botafogo, especially from the middle to attack.

“The tendency is that, with the development of the work, we will have a greater conviction. We already have a mechanic, a way of playing, that we try to repeat every game”, he declared.

“Botafogo has a consistent defensive system, the average of conceded goals is 0.66 per game, which is very good. We have to improve our offensive phase”, completed Chamusca.

Botafogo will have the week free to work aiming at the confrontation next Sunday, against the Remo, at Nilton Santos Stadium, at 6:15 pm (Brasilia time).

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