Charles Jaigu: “Confronting Occidentalophobia”

CHRONICLE – In this free conversation with the philosopher Philippe Raynaud around the latest issue of the review “Comment”, it appears that the West is burdened with too many evils. Enough is enough!

The fish always rots from the head. The term is often used to refer to the bankruptcy of elites. In this case, it is perfectly suited to the problem posed by issue 174 of the journal Comment, now co-directed by the philosopher Philippe Raynaud and the economist Philippe Trainar. Three articles return to the drift of feminism (Nathalie Heinich), of Islamo-leftism (Philippe Raynaud) and of the university decline in the United States (Arnaud Laferrère). It is indeed urgent to deconstruct the deconstructors, and to refine the arguments which will strengthen those who today refuse to submit to the newspeak of “wokism”. In an interview with Figaro , Palestinian-born American scholar Lama Abu-Odeh, professor of law at Georgetown, compares the ideological takeover of the radical new left on American campuses to the infiltration of universities in Arab countries by Muslim fundamentalists. Nobody there

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