Checking QR codes of passengers in Tatarstan during rush hour will take place at stops

Employees of the transport enterprises of Tatarstan will check the QR codes of passengers at stops and at the entrance to public transport. Employees will wear special identification vests, Sergei Temlyakov, chairman of the ATP Association of Tatarstan, told TASS.

“How will the check be carried out? QR codes will be checked by conductors on buses. QR codes will also be checked at the entrance to the bus. At 65 stops in Kazan during rush hours employees of transport companies and the control and audit service of the Kazan Transport Committee will come to the aid of the conductors.” – said Temlyakov.

According to him, QR codes will be checked at bus stops as well. While the passenger is waiting for the bus, an employee of a motor transport company in a special identification vest can approach him and ask for a QR code for checking. “After the check, an employee of the enterprise will inform the bus conductor that the passenger has a QR code,” Temlyakov said.

He said that the Kazan motor transport enterprises received equipment for checking QR codes. It was transferred to carriers for temporary use by the decision of the government of Tatarstan. “Now the road transport enterprises are preparing: applications for checking QR codes and SIM cards are being installed on all phones, batteries are being charged, equipment is being tested,” the chairman of the association said.

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