Chelsea fans satisfied with an unprecedented decision



Chelsea announced, on Tuesday, a new decision requiring the participation of “Blues” fans in the club’s decisions.

This came after Chelsea fans attacked the club’s board of directors after announcing that it would participate in the establishment of the Super League “European Super League” without returning to the fans.

And Chelsea came out, in an official statement, saying: “The club announces that, as of July 1, fans will be present at the club’s board of directors meetings.”

He added: “3 of the supporting advisors (fans), who are chosen through election and selection, will attend the meetings of the Board of Directors, to ensure that the general feelings of the public are considered part of the decision-making process in the club.”

“The club will now consult with the Fan Forum and several informal cheerleading associations, to discuss the club’s proposed process for selecting the three supportive advisors,” he added.

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He continued: “The nomination and selection criteria will ensure that the chosen fan is representative of a fan base, and a new selection will be made before the start of each season.”

“More information related to this issue will be sent directly to the fan forum and other unofficial fan links in the coming days,” he continued.

And he added: “Successful candidates will be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement (not to divulge the meeting secrets), similar in scope to the confidentiality obligations of a board member.”

He added, “The support advisors will not have any voting rights, and will not participate in any meetings related to players, staff and the academy.”

He concluded: “The Support Advisors will attend approximately 4 meetings a year, or more, if appropriate.”

Source: ChelseaFC

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