Child harassers lure children through websites to sell toys

Two child protection specialists, during their participation in the “Child Safety 2021” forum, organized by the Child Safety Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, under the slogan “We Preserve Their Innocence”, told touching stories about children’s exposure to extortion and real and electronic sexual harassment.

The Guidance and Quality of Life expert, in the Child Protection Unit at the Ministry of Education, Moza Al-Shoumy, recounted a story that happened with her 12-year-old son while browsing a website to buy a bicycle. Children under 12 years old.

She told “Emirates Today” that an unknown person started talking to her son on the website, and asked him to communicate with him via “WhatsApp” and send an audio recording to him to make sure that he is a child, and immediately my son informed me of the details, and that someone asked him to communicate by phone in an attempt to start blackmailing him.

She added that she began tracking the harasser, and asked her son to communicate with him via “WhatsApp” and send an audio recording to him, to make sure that he is a child.

She pointed out that she was next to her son all the time to reassure him, and that nothing happened to him, as the harasser asked him to communicate with him via “Snapchat” to exchange pictures between them through his own account.

She pointed out that at that moment, suspicions began to confirm that this person was a harasser, and wanted to blackmail her son, as he sent pornographic pictures and pictures of him while he was naked, and asked her victim son to send his picture to him, and when we reached this stage of harassment and extortion, I started communicating with the harasser personally to lure him As it turned out that he lives 300 kilometers away from my house in another emirate.

She explained that she wrote a report against him at the police station, and provided all the data and pictures of the conversations, where he was arrested. During the investigations, it was found that he communicated with other children in the same way to harass them electronically.

She stated that she instilled in her children since their childhood not to communicate with strangers or talk to them through social media or promotional sites, in addition to educating them about the dangers of electronic harassment and extortion.

She added that most harassers use websites to sell games to hunt down certain categories of children, lure and harass them after blackmailing them, pointing out that no matter how keen the family is about its children and monitors them while they use websites, it must be aware of the dangers of these websites, who runs them, and how to deal With them, and not to send any personal data or talk to any unknown person, so that their children do not fall victim to extortion and sexual harassment.

The Director of the Care and Rehabilitation Department at the Dubai Foundation for Women’s Care, Ghanima Al-Bahri, said that one of the most cases that the Foundation dealt with was a girl who was repeatedly sexually abused as a result of neglect and family disputes, and that a doctor discovered the incident.

She added that he was staying with the girl, one of her minor relatives in the house, and he abused her several times for various reasons without the girl having any awareness that this might lead to serious consequences, given her young age and ignorance.

She explained that the girl’s behavior changed, which was evident to her in front of her schoolmates, as the school administration informed the family that visited the doctor who discovered that their daughter had been subjected to repeated sexual assaults, and contacted the institution that took the initiative to shelter the girl.

She added that a survey was conducted by the Foundation on the type of abuse the girl was subjected to, who was the abuser, and what kind of safety and protection the girl received while she was at home, and a survey was also conducted of the child’s mental health and the extent of her impact on the incident.

She pointed out that the healthy smear of the abused shows that they have signs of disorder and depression, in addition to fluctuations, low mood, unwillingness to live, suicide attempt, panic and fear.

Al-Bahri revealed that among the cases that the center dealt with was a girl who was repeatedly sexually abused, as the issue was discovered when the nanny in the house kissed her, and as soon as she kissed her, the girl went into an unnatural setback because she recalled the sexual incident that she had been exposed to.

She pointed out that the abused suffers from involuntary urination, loss of self-confidence, shock and sensitivity to the increase in their return to the incident, adding that the institution provides psychological and social care for the treatment of victims since receiving the communication until the child’s recovery and integration into society, raising his awareness of the importance of defending himself, and following up on him continuously to avoid the deterioration of his psychological condition and exposure to deviations. ethical.

She stated that most of the reports received by the Foundation were sexual assaults by relatives, on children, whether verbal or physical, sexual exploitation or explicit sexual abuse.

• A seller from an online bike store molested a child via Snapchat.

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