China turns one of its experimental J-20 fighters into a memorial

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An unusual monument has appeared in the courtyard of the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation Flight Training Center, where one of the prototypes of the fifth generation J-20 fighter was erected on the base.

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It was reported that the experimental aircraft had participated in the initial tests, and when it was completed, it was decided not to throw it away like worn-out remains, and it was fixed for memory permanently in the arena. This sample differs significantly from the real aircraft produced in its final stage, and completely lacks any internal equipment.

And the published photos do not show the rear part of the modern Chinese fighter, so it is not known what the engine components look like on the model. Nearby is another multi-role fighter, a J-10, belonging to the previous generation.

This type of combat aircraft is one of the symbols of the Air Force in China, which has achieved great success in developing advanced technology for its air forces. It took less than ten years to complete the design of this type of modern fighter from Chinese experts, and it was originally known as “G-XX”, when the first sample appeared in front of the camera lenses, and many experts found some similarities with the prototype of the Russian MiG fighter. 1.44″.

Reports say that the Chinese fifth-generation fighter “J-20”, which has a maximum take-off weight of 35,000 kg, can carry a combat payload of 7,800 kg.

Some sources reported that this combat aircraft is capable of accelerating to approximately 2,900 kilometers per hour, while the radius of combat action is up to 2000 kilometers.

This fighter is equipped with an active phased array radar and sensors that monitor the air situation. Various air-to-air weapons have been specially developed for it, including long-range weapons, as well as high-precision ammunition for hitting ground targets.

At the end of last month, a two-seater version of this fighter was spotted for the first time.

It was also announced the start of tests of the fifth generation aircraft of the “J-35” model, which is intended for aircraft carriers.


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