China’s military command does not communicate with the United States

Representatives of the Chinese military command do not respond to Washington’s attempts to contact them amid the aggravation of the situation around Taiwan. This was reported on Friday by the newspaper Politico.

According to her sources, during this week, representatives of the top military command of the PRC left numerous calls unanswered by their American colleagues, among whom were the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces Gen. Mark Milley. US officials fear that “China’s silence increases the risk of escalating an already tense situation,” the paper said.

The publication recalls that the last time contact between the chiefs of staff of the US and Chinese Armed Forces was established on July 7, when a video conference was held between Milli and the head of the Joint Staff of the People’s Liberation Army of China, Li Zuocheng. It was about “the importance of keeping open lines of communication.” As Politico emphasizes, the US military leadership is ready to communicate “even with potential adversaries such as China” in order to prevent a full-scale military conflict.

On Friday, Beijing announced the temporary suspension or abolition of eight cooperation mechanisms with the United States due to the visit to Taipei of the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who occupies the third-highest position in the US government hierarchy. This includes the cancellation of meetings of representatives of military departments, the termination of the direct line of communication between regional military commands, the suspension of interaction within the framework of the maritime security mechanism, as well as the fight against climate change and the illegal drug trade.

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