Christiane Taubira refuses to call for vaccination in Guyana

While Guyana is facing a difficult epidemic situation, the former minister considers that the fact of not being “in office” prevents her from having “the elements of information” necessary to make a decision.

Christiane Taubira believes that she has not “vocation to call ” the Guyanese “to get vaccinated“. And this even if the overseas territory is particularly affected by the Covid-19. This is what the former Socialist Minister of Justice assured at the microphone of RTL this Thursday morning. From his point of view, his status as “politician who is not in officeDoes not allow him to take such a position.

Guyana is one of the few French territories where the Covid is still wreaking havoc. While partial confinement is still in force there, only one inhabitant in 4 has received their injection. The former local elected, however, does not say she is able to give “instructionsTo encourage residents to refer to vaccines. And for good reason, she claims not to have “information that would formally allow him»To do so, even though the situation in the rest of France is improving as vaccination progresses.

“More capacity for understanding”

Suspected of fueling a conspiratorial discourse, the Socialist defends herself by considering, on the contrary, to hold “a responsible statement». «I watch how the company works. (…) The question of the weight of legitimacy, of the credibility of political speech is a real questionShe said. Before proposing to name “a mediator“In Guyana on the grounds that there is”more capacity for understanding between the official word and the authorities on the spot».

Invited last Monday on the set of France 5, Christiane Taubira had already estimated that the health situation is not akin to a “pandemic in the strict sense». «It is a disease that weakens people who are already vulnerable. It is a disease that shows like a magnifying glass the inequalities, vulnerabilities, weaknesses that are not taken into account.She said.

Praised by some to be a candidate for the 2022 presidential election, the former minister has made it clear on several occasions that she would not go for it.


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