Cicadas prevented journalists accompanying Biden from flying to Europe

Cicadas, which appeared this year in huge numbers on the east coast of the United States, disrupted the departure of journalists from the White House press pool to the UK. They accompany US President Joe Biden on his first trip abroad.

At the Washington airport, insects entered the aircraft engines, and the flight had to be postponed, TASS reports, citing The New York Times. There were so many cicadas that their swarm was visible on weather radars. Due to insects, the journalists flew away only the next day.

In May, it was reported that the Atlantic coast of the United States was a paradise for entomologists and a nightmare for local residents who observe a rare and specific sight – the invasion of periodic cicadas. Billions of individuals have crawled out of the ground after hibernation in which they have spent the past 17 years. This is the tenth generation of cicadas. Together with people, they will spend about a month.


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